Sunday, October 04, 2009

Up Up and AWAY!

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"Up Up and Away" 4 x 8 inch digital printed on cloth
The specs for this page was - "Travel" - must have a mode of transportation included and a touch of rust and turquoise. I've always loved Paper Whimsy figures - this one, though haunting, seemed to work well in the context of flight. Other images from Hemera or public domain.


Bea said...

Ok, now you have really impressed me. I want to print on fabric but haven't been happy with the rather dull printing. I just bought a new ink jet printer with a whole range of colored inks and still, bah......not happy.
Love the plane, love the girl. :)Bea

Lorraine @ creativedaily said...

You are on a roll girl! Paper Whimsy has the most wonderful images.

layers said...

my smaller collages have a hint of travel in them as I usually put a postage stamp or part of map. I love stamps...

The Artist Within Us said...

A smile came across my face as I saw this one as a thumbnail and I just had to see it larger.

I love airplanes and at one point in my life I wanted to become a pilot.

One thought that came across upon the seeing the girl was Amelia Earhart.

I really like, no make that 'love' this one!

Thank you for sharing

Elizabeth Golden said...

This is simply lovely!