Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Fish Kisses and Whimsical Beasts

Here I am,  sitting in my chilly garage studio with the heater on and my UG boots, a blistery cold morning as Pooh would say, with the wind gusting at about 80 kmph!  I'm blogging to shamelessly promote  5 illustrations I completed last week and had on sale at our Christmas Art Sale last weekend.
 As I mentioned last week, this was the first time I've ever participated in a sale and I had some substantial  'flutterbies' in my stomach preparing for this sale,  not knowing what to expect.  Well, my ego managed to stay 'intact' as I did sell a few (7 to be exact) :0) but the most fun was actually seeing someone look through what I was selling and hear what they had to say.  I also think I've thought up a few ideas for our next show which happens sometime next spring. 

"Fish Kisses and Whimsical Beasts"

 Front and Back of Tag made to accompany  each of the illustrations

I can see these prints fitting perfectly in a child's bedroom, on a wall in a powder room, or perhaps a lake cottage or even at the back entrance of a home, next to the 'mud room' or the laundry room?    I have listed them today for sale on Etsy and they come matted in a 'snow' white mat. 
Right now I am contemplating selling them without the mat as it adds quite a bit to the cost of the listing as well as to the shipping costs because they are 11 x 14 inches and are considered oversized by the post office.  Any feedback regarding this is appreciated! 

"The SnowBall" - 8 x 10 inch illustraton print
available for purchase here

"Koochie Koo Kangeroo" - 8 x 10 inch illustration print
available for purchase here

"Bartholemew" - 8 x 10 inch illustration print
available for purchase here

"Three Bags Full" - 8 x 10 inch illustration print
available for purchase here

"Thelma Loved The Prairies" - 8 x 10 inch illustration print
available for purchase here

Copyright for limited commercial use  for all above images granted with thanks to:  Holliewood Studios - www.DeviantScrap.com, and Tumble Fish Studio - www.tumblefishstudio.etsy.com

Thanks for reading and allowing me to indulge in trying to earn some extra $$ for gift giving!!

Winner from Giveaway


Last week I posted a Giveaway here and today, using the random number generator below, Lucky Number 3 is
the winner......now ....I have to look up who number 3 is.....

LINDA ADAMS from Reading Pennsylvania!  Congratulations Linda - I'll package up your print and have it in the mail for you today! 

Saturday, November 27, 2010

New Colors and New "Technique"

I'm busy this weekend trying to finish a double sided skinny page while also working at our sale, setting up appointments for work for next week and carving out time to go to a friend's home tomorrow for Grey Cup! I was a huge hockey fan when I was younger and had season tickets to the Edmonton Oilers back in the 'glory days' with Wayne Gretsy et al.  We cheered them on to the Stanley Cup on home ice 2 out of the 5 times.  Since then, nothing can compare in excitement!  So, I'm embarrassed to admit I can't even tell you who is in the Grey Cup final...

On to the skinny page - I don't usually combine lime green, orange and pink, but I'm enjoying this color combo and in particular I like the starkness of the white against the colors.  I'm also experimenting with sewing, beading and embroidering onto paper.  First obvious liability with paper, is when you punch a hole in the paper with a needle, and it's not in the correct spot, paper isn't as forgiving as cloth! (You'll see in the macro below examples of the oopps holes!

The images below are also illustrate quite nicely the differences in color and contrast  when comparing a 100% digital image, a scan, and a photograph. The digital images are both at 72 dpi.

Scan - Side One of 4 x 8 inch page - you have to look carefully to see the french knots, embroidery and beading as the scan doesn't capture any dimension and the colors are a wee bit desaturated from what they actually are.
Before I top stitched the edges I sewed a layer of silk ribbon around the edges. I did this for texture but also to reinforce the stitches in case the paper ripped.  For the second page, I am going to sew a layer of felt to the back side of the paper for the same reason.  This will also make the final page much thicker and add support.

Macros to illustrate dimensionality and texture of the paper and true to life colors

This is the second page - that, apart from creating the digital composition, I haven't begun to work on.
digital version of Page 1 above

Image Credits - Tumble Fish Studio at www.tumblefish.etsy.com  and Cali Designs, Crow and Bird - Holliewood Studios - www.DeviantScrap.com

Update - Nov 28
The pages are done!  This is a scan again so the dimensions don't show well.... a little better if you press on them to enlarge.,,,  but I made the deadline!  I hope Lisa likes them!

Friday, November 26, 2010

The Butterfly Effect - UPDATE #12

Today, I have the pleasure of introducing you to 3 new butterfly creations for the Holocaust Museum Houston exhibit that have all been made by artists living here in Lethbridge! I emailed our Textile Surface Design Guild  in August to invite all of the members to contribute to the project. Yesterday, when I went to dropped off my prints for our Annual Christmas Art Sale, I was presented with these beautiful butterflies photographed below.   As you can see, they look quite rested and refreshed as they did not have to endure any extended flying time like the others that have arrived here from places as far away now as Italy! Just a five minute car ride home!

A big thank you this week  to

Cheryl Atkinson
Marilyn Chamberlin
for their beautiful contributions to our project.

Today and tomorrow I will be picking up 4 more butterflies from two other artists when I am at the Art Sale so I know I'll have at least that many next Friday to introduce to you!

For some reason,  we did not have any mail delivery to our home this week.  I have been in contact with Canada Post to find out what happened but have not yet received a call back.    As a result, not only did I not receive any butterflies in the mail, but no mail at all!

Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada

Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada

And after bringing the above butterflies home yesterday afternoon, I was inspired to spend a bit of time working on one of mine as well.  It's a work in progress at this point, but I did manage to attach her 'head' yesterday which is from  an antique  "Frozen Charlotte" from Germany.   This is a sneak peak of 'her' ...

Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada

Monday, November 22, 2010

Fun with GLITTER! and a Giveaway with a "Catch``!

It's been a busy week in the studio as I prepare for a sale at our local Art Centre.  This will be the first time I've put any of my illustration work for sale publically.  Needless to say, I have no idea if I will sell anything!!! One or two sales would make me happy. I live in a small city - about 70,000 and I have no idea how many people will turn out for the sale.   I also realize a lot of the digital work I do doesn't appeal to a large audience.  Some of it is too cutsey, some of it too surreal, and often (well, almost always!)  it's quirky.  But, I'm ok with that, because the joy is in the process and the moments I spend with my muse.  Nevertheless, it would be fun to see someone walk out with one of my prints.  I will be volunteering just for two hours and I'm sure will probably spend more on other artists work than I could ever generate myself!

Here's three images I'll be selling as prints - I think they'd be suitable for a younger person's bedroom, or they could be quite funky on a bathroom wall.  I've kept them sized at 5 x 7 which also allows me to keep the price down.    For a change, I added glitter to each of the prints - just because they lend themselves to sparkle, with the messages and the 'feel.'   So, you'll also see some photographs of them in their frames and with the sparkles.  I'll be putting them in my Etsy shop later today or this week.

Oh, and, I wanted to again thank Marsha for her new images from Tumble Fish Studio.  They are a ton of fun to play with and my favorites are the Ethereal Circles/Spheres!!! 

Above, a photograph from "Love Conquers All"

Another photograph - it's HARD to photograph sparkles....without them looking 'messy'!

"Love Conquers All" - digital 5 x 7"

Above  photograph from "Love Conquers All" - I made her cuffs from the necklace and neck  of a another vintage image!

"The Tinsel Fairy" - 5 x 7 inches inside mat -  this tinsel does not 'cling' :0)

Above photograph from "The Tinsel Fairy" -
I initially made her in more pastel tones, but recolored her to work with the other two prints.

Tradition -  (this is not a clue)

 When I was a little girl, a very little girl, it was my job to put the tinsel on the tree when my Dad had put up the lights, and my Mom had put the glass decorations on.  Actually, I put the bottom 2 feet of the tree tinsel on, as that was as high as I could reach.   I just realized this very moment, I put the tinsel on because it wasn`t breakable.  :0)
 It was an annual tradition and it went along with their annual Rum and Egg Nog with Nutmeg, homemade Nuts and Bolts that were laced with garlic,  and for my brother and I - the first lemon tarts of the year.  What food do you associate with the season?  Apart from Mr. Turkey?

Above  photograph from "Honor All Beings" - this has particular relevance to me as I have struggled with the number of Greckles  (very similar to Starlings) we have in our yard each summer.  They hog the bird feeders and chase all of the song birds away.  I've really had to work hard at 'liking' them.  They do have gorgeous deep brown/black opalescent wings that reflect deep turquoises and purples in the sunlight. 

So, this one is for you Greckles out there...I will try hard again next summer to 'honor' you....but sadly, right now, you are just one level above a mosquito in my books!

``Honor All Beings`` 5 x 7 `` ├Čnch digital

``Love Conquers All`` - 5 x 7 inch digital

Image Credits:  Tumble Fish Studio - Masterpieces,  Letters, Zetti Masterpieces Ethereal Circles-Spheres, Angels, Splendid, (www.tumblefishstudio.etsy.com)  Holliewood Studios - for little trees (Christmas Morning) and heart (Love and War) and wooden window (Haute Halloween), roses (Rose Is A Rose)   and FineCrafted Designs - for bits of vine turned into tinsel - (Good Evening) plus a little bit of hair from CrowAbout Studio B all at -  (www.deviantart.com)  Cali Designs - cherry blossoms, Tangie Baxter - star on crown and feather halo (www.scrapbookgraphics.com)  and Kate for letters for LOVE CONQUERS ALL plus a few bits and pieces from my own collection. 

FINALLY !!!! The Giveaway!!!!
Well, if you managed to read this far (or scrolled down in a hurry!) - here`s the giveaway details.  In order to be eligible you must answer this skill testing question:  Which of the 3 prints posted above had a revision made to it?  And, how was it revised?  In other words, something changed at some point from the computer images to the photographs taken.... 

You must also include your home address in your email that contains the correct answer so I know where to send the print if you win! 

I`ll draw two names  from those  that respond with the correct answer and send each person  a matted copy of the original print.

ps - there are two correct answers (thanks to all of you that have replied with another answer!!!  ) If you guess BOTH, I'll enter your name twice.

Deadline: - November 30th, 2010
Email your answers to twodressesstudio@shaw.ca

Thanks for reading!!!!


Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Butterfly Effect - Update #11

This week's update brings with it not only a delightful collection of seven new butterflies - but two REAL LIFE butterflies!!! Photographed below a blue 5 year old butterfly - Camryn (Cami) and her sister - Delilah!  The youngest of Sherri McInnis's four daughters.  Aren't they adorable?  From head to toe!

Sherri's parade of six butterflies arrived this week and included 3 butterflies from 5 year old blue butterfly Camryn, one from each of her other two daughters - Jillian and Lauren as well as one from Sherri. 

A big hug from  all of us to the McInnis family for embracing this project! And a special thank you to Cami for parting with her beautiful stickers, flowers, beads and that wonderful tiny gold hand.

Delilah and Camryn

The "Group of Seven"

Camryn Zhi Yu McInnis,  age 5
Moorseville, North Carolina, USA

Jillian McInnis
Mooresville, North Carolina, USA

Sherri McInnis
Mooresville, North Carolina, USA

Lauren McInnis
Mooresville, North Carolina, USA

Marguerite's butterfly has particular personal and heartfelt significance to it that I thought I would share today.  Her grandfather researched the family's ancestors to find they had distance German Jewish family members in the concentration camps.   Marguerite has found inspiration in the Holocaust Museum Houston project and is planning to launch a year long project around it.  She will begin on her birthday, December 16th and make one butterfly everyday for a year.  She plans to hang each one from the ceiling as the year progresses.  Stay tuned for a link to her blog that will feature this ambitious project!

Marguerite Bryant
Eureka, California, USA

Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Tinsel Fairy - and new and delicious Tumble Fish Studio collection

With at least two feet of snow on the ground  s t a y i n g....and more to fall, my mind is now turning toward the holiday season with increasing frequency.   So, if you're not yet 'in spirit', perhaps I can coax you along a bit?

Fresh off the 'design board', Marsha, a dear friend and the creative genius behind Tumble Fish Studio has just released a series of new digital collage sheets - and they are S T U N N I N G!

Here's a little  teeny weeny sneak peak of five of her new digital collage sheets available here

Below is my first collage - that my muse (who has decided to bypass green and red in favor of  more juicy Tumble Fish Tones) dreamt up this morning.....   

"The Tinsel Fairy" - 8 x 10 inches

Image Credits:
Tumble Fish Studio - for the majority of the images from the following digital collage sheets:
Ethereal Rings
Good Vibes
Zetti Masterpieces
 Holliewood Studios - Christmas Morning (trees) and Spring Faeries (sparkles)
Finecrafted Designs - Good Evening (tinsel) both at http://www.deviantscrap.com/
 and Tangie Baxter - more sparkles and stars

and another Tumble Fish Studio figure - again - dressing the tree.....

"Star Bright" - 5 x 7 inch digital

Image Credits:
Figure, Hearts, Frame and Crown - Tumble Fish Studio -
Fancy Schmancy and Jubilant - http://www.tumblefishstudio.etsy.com/
Tree, crates, christmas balls, tree top star and flare, chair, sparkles - Holliewood Studios -
Christmas Morning, The Thing Finder, Stark, Spring Faeries and collab with Finecrafted Designs - Ode To A Muse - http://www.deviantscrap.com/

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I admit, this is a little bizarre~ but in the context of  Adam and Eve, I think you'll see the symbolism...  :o)
My muse became enamoured by the crispness of the greens combined with the black and white.

"Eden"  - 8 x 10 inches
( low res. watermarked version pictured  above)

Image Credits
Tumble Fish Studio - http://www.tumblefishstudio.etsy.com/ - male figure,
Holliewood Studios - http://www.deviantscrap.com/ as follows -
Haute Halloween, Spring Faeries, Void, The Thing Finder
Finecrafted Designs - Ode to a Muse

limited edition print - available on Etsy - here