Thursday, February 02, 2012

take to the air


February already? No.   Say it isn't so.  This just may be at some level, a self-portrait as I run around, trying to organize myself to leave for a change of scenery for a few weeks.  Packing.  ug.  It falls in the same category as d e n t i s t.  Having spent years in a job that had me on planes regularly, I came to loathe having to leave home and I'm afraid I've generalized this to include packing for a vacation.    And having developed a mixed media habit, it's not so much the choosing of clothes to pack as it is trying to decide which art supplies to take.  I suppose digital art has its advantages as far as packing is concerned and yet, this time 'round, I'm hoping my muse may cooperate with some acrylic paint and canvases, oh and maybe some,, and ok I can fit that... well, just in case... will my new printer fit?  Critical decisions...not.

Does the drill sound familiar?  

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