Monday, August 31, 2009

Mail! From Marion's ZETTI ATC Annual Exchange

OK - L U C K Y ME! Marion's swaps are top notch! Just look!
Above are the 3 stellar ATC's that arrived from Marion last week. Below are links to more of their artwork:
1. Marsha -check out her other impeccably designed and finished work at Tumblefish Studios
2. Johanna - hidden talent via her blog Mixed Media Fun
3. Ute - another beautiful fabric card (the textures of which don't show well in the photo) See her other work here at her blog, Stempella.

"Go Fish" - Another Postcard for Sunday Postcard Art

See the post below this one for a link to the Sunday Postcard Art blog and other entries. They are worth a peek!
p.s. - the postage stamp is a photograph I took of my stepdaughter kissing a fish she caught last year in Playa del Carmen.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sunday Postcard Art Weekly - Subject - Fish


Follow the link here to see the other entries for this week.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

"Fifth Business" Limited Edition Digital Collage 1/15

Available on Etsy

If you are familiar with the Deptford Trilogy, by Robertson Davies, then you'll understand the significance of this collage. If you haven't read it, I recommend it! (the dash line X is a watermark only)

Paper Doll 1/15 Limited Edition Print


Available on Etsy

Friday, August 28, 2009

Eleanor ATC and ATC Holder (Front and Back Views)

This is a collage of 4 different views of an ATC completed today. One of my favorite ways of creating an ATC is to use both digital and by hand methods. In this I printed out the collage of Eleanor I'd created and then added several found objects - a feather, a pearl, a spring, a silver tiny feather charm and some text. I've also applied a clear 'Glossy Effects" coat on the face to add extra depth. Because the fit is quite snug into the ATC library pocket envelope, I attached a ribbon so it is easier to remove. The photo on the top right is the back of the ATC.

Corset #5

With Lacing and Heart
Some of the lace and sequins for this one were from a sari I found at a thrift shop.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Corset Fatbook - Altered Art Obsession

One of the current projects I've decided to participate in at AAO is The Corset Fatbook. I decided to head to the sewing machine again although the coral corset background is a paper napkin, the others are all fabric.

Variations - Digital Musings....


Saturday, August 22, 2009

digital collage - dream

Left at the Cafe Shutters

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Eleanor Musings 1-53


Update - December 09 - 53

Oh oh - plus two more I just found = 38

Tarot Card - Judgement

A departure from my focus of late, below is #20 in the Major Arcana line up. Now finished the second of my two tarot cards for the Recollection Parlor Major Arcana Deck, I will be hunting for another project! The various interpretations for the Judgement card are diverse but do include an angel and water.


The First 8

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

"He Sees Right Through Me"


Can you see both faces?

Monday, August 17, 2009

Eleanor in August


Saturday, August 15, 2009

Altered Book Project - Paper, Paste and Stamps

On Tuesday I received a book I'd been waiting to work on for a couple of months. It is a Danish tarot book - by Asta Erte: Tarotbogen and a project initiated by K. Frank Jensen. Asta Erte translated the Wait-Smith Tarot into Danish in 1983. This project celebrates the 100th Anniversary of the publication in December 1909 of the original Arthur Edward Waite's tarot deck, which was illustrated by Palmela Colman Smith. Denmark's Frank Jensen distributed 22 copies of Asta Erte's translation of the Wait Smith tarot to as many artists globally. In turn, they were invited by Mr. Jensen to either work on the book individually or collaborate with others. Michele Jackson, a tarot officiando invited me to contribute along with another artist, Abby Lazar. Pictured below are a series of progressions of the collage work as I went along this week.
You may be familiar with one of the prescribed ways to objectively view a piece of work is to hold it up in the mirror. What I've discovered as more useful is to scan and look at my work in progress on a computer. This explains, (if you are wondering ?) the reason I end up with several scans of each collage as I am working on it. Apart from that, there is no other method to my collage creating. It becomes largely a non-verbal intuitive process that I term 'musing.' I stayed away from using any paint because I didn't want to compromise the strength of the paper. So, I resorted to Dover images, some from my own stash, a few stamps, and lots of PVA glue! In this altered book, I did respond to Pamela Colman Smith's images and attempt to interprete some of the Tarot cards. Color and composition are sometimes cognitive decisions based on the little color theory and lessons I've picked up throughout various classes throughout the years. Thanks Michele. This was perhaps one of the most enjoyable collage processes I've done.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Another collage in progression.....

First, just 'the guy', then in walks Eleanor and he thinks "G" better get dressed. :0) Don't they make a smashing couple?

Monday, August 10, 2009

All Things Poe: SPOOOOKKKY and Goulish.... Capolan Group Project: The Bllack Cat 1841 Edgar Allen Poe

Red Dog Scott is up to her ears with participants for the annual Haloween "deck". I think there are 35 artists participating in this years spooky project - "All Things Poe." She's also hosting a Poe Tarot Deck, tarot being a very popular topic at Travelers H'Art Yahoo Group as well! I've signed in for both and not being able to sleep past 4:30 am this morning, managed to finish the Haloween project, below. It is my 'visual' reaction to Poe's oh so morbid short story - The Black Cat. Click here for a direct link to read it.

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Experimenting with Polymer Clay - Book Cover

While I was browsing through various book-making sites and my own stash of books, I came across a clay-covered book cover and got the itch to make one for myself.
I had no idea what a huge 'industry' it has become since my first introduction into this medium when my children were toddlers. I am beginning to add some links on my sidebar of Polymer Clay Artist sites.
Here's a few photos of my first 'newbie' attempts - obviously I've no skill at this, and can't see pursuing it much further, but I certainly enjoyed the process.

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Seven Layered Chinese Star Book

Now back on track with one of the projects I had intended on starting earlier this week, a Chinese Star Book. A woman I met when I arrived here 3 years ago and who introduced me to the concept of Altered Art also introduced me to this particular book. I finally decided to 'have a go at it' as a project to do with my two daughters. Yesterday, I thought I'd make one so they would have a finished book as a resource to access as they complete their own. I ordered the instructions from Quietfire Design and Suzanne's instructions are very detailed and easy to follow. Since then, I also see there are many instructions available on the web for free just by searching for "Star Book." Here's a few in case you want to complete one for yourself:

Each link provided outlines slightly different variations on the Star Book. If you learn best visually, then I'd recommend you watch the You Tube link. It is divided into 2 videos, each approx. 4 minutes in length, and includes an overview on a different spine stitching pattern.

Gluing the mulberry paper to the book board Sewing the Spine - Kettle Stitch and Cross Stitch Why it's called a Chinese Star Book Cross Section of Signatures, Block and Spine
Ready for Final Front Layer
It is now 85% constructed and needs only the title and final top layer which will contain the actual subject matter of the book.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Dis-Co-VER-ing: Final Artist Book

Front Back Adding the Pages Sewing the Signatures (Magazine Stitch) Closure The "Makeover" Back to Birth
A Special Thanks to the Inspiration of
DisCo: Disintegration Collaboration - Seth Apter