Wednesday, August 19, 2009

"He Sees Right Through Me"

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Can you see both faces?


Bea said...

I'm hoping it's just my monitor but I had trouble seeing two faces. Remember, that's just me, the woman that still has to get her new glasses after having her eye exam back in January. There hasn't been time, she whined. :)Bea

Bea said...

Aaaaaaaahhhhh, NOW I see it.
Roger that and out.

Egmont van Dyck said...

Greetings to you,

I like your new masthead design, especially how all the images have been integrated. My only suggestions is a more legible typeface and colour as it blends into the art work.

I have only recently following you and it has been a pleasure.

Sincerely yours

Lorraine @ creativedaily said...

New banner is very funky!

Bea said...

Ok, the new banner took my by surprise but I love it. :)Bea