Friday, August 28, 2009

Eleanor ATC and ATC Holder (Front and Back Views)

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This is a collage of 4 different views of an ATC completed today. One of my favorite ways of creating an ATC is to use both digital and by hand methods. In this I printed out the collage of Eleanor I'd created and then added several found objects - a feather, a pearl, a spring, a silver tiny feather charm and some text. I've also applied a clear 'Glossy Effects" coat on the face to add extra depth. Because the fit is quite snug into the ATC library pocket envelope, I attached a ribbon so it is easier to remove. The photo on the top right is the back of the ATC.


layers said...

It is amazing all the different ways collage can be used--- yours is so creative.

Bea said...

I really hope people click on the picture so they can see the details because it's worth it. What a wonderful envelope for the card too.
Funny after all these years of doing them I always just slip them in a plastic sleeve. It never even occured to me to make a beautiful envelope like you just did.
I still may never do it but I've seen it and it opened my eyes. :)Bea

Debby said...

It is awesome Trudi. Love your work.

Lorraine @ creativedaily said...

I love the way you have displayed this. The idea of applying the glossy effects to the face - I'm going to try this one. Love the ATC pocket - the works!