Saturday, August 01, 2009

NO I am not in the photograph.....Random Photos of "Series" Week and Edges, Seams, Rivers and Dreams

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Here's a hodge-podge of photos taken by other artist friends during my week at "Series" which takes place annually at the Red Deer Arts College, 3 hours north from where I live. Thanks Larissa and Deb for forwarding these on !
Both of my roommates (Deb and Susie) were potters and were at "Series" to take a pottery workshop taught by Les Manning. Above is only the selection of the many pieces they 'turned' during the week. Above, is my 'work in progress' of a very large abstract canvas. I now need to have it stretched before I can complete it, which, knowing me, may take upwards to a year! Either that, or I'll turn it into a floor canvas. Hard to see the detail here, but above is a collection of 'Book of Days" each of us completed during the week. Not wanting to fight rush hour traffic in Calgary, I was already well on my way home when 'the group photo' was captured of the artists participating in Laurie Doctor's week of Edges, Seams, Rivers and Dreams. Here's the one for 'the album' - (minus 4 classmates) And below, is the one I would say is more "True to Life" after spending a week in a drawing studio with no ventilation or A/C at about 80-85 degrees Farenheit!
One of my roommates captured this photo of some of our classes pieces at the Student Art Show on Thursday evening:

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