Saturday, August 08, 2009

Seven Layered Chinese Star Book

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Now back on track with one of the projects I had intended on starting earlier this week, a Chinese Star Book. A woman I met when I arrived here 3 years ago and who introduced me to the concept of Altered Art also introduced me to this particular book. I finally decided to 'have a go at it' as a project to do with my two daughters. Yesterday, I thought I'd make one so they would have a finished book as a resource to access as they complete their own. I ordered the instructions from Quietfire Design and Suzanne's instructions are very detailed and easy to follow. Since then, I also see there are many instructions available on the web for free just by searching for "Star Book." Here's a few in case you want to complete one for yourself:

Each link provided outlines slightly different variations on the Star Book. If you learn best visually, then I'd recommend you watch the You Tube link. It is divided into 2 videos, each approx. 4 minutes in length, and includes an overview on a different spine stitching pattern.

Gluing the mulberry paper to the book board Sewing the Spine - Kettle Stitch and Cross Stitch Why it's called a Chinese Star Book Cross Section of Signatures, Block and Spine
Ready for Final Front Layer
It is now 85% constructed and needs only the title and final top layer which will contain the actual subject matter of the book.


Bea said...

Just beautiful when it's opened up. Thanks for including links for us. :)Bea

Kim said...

Another fabulous book you have made. Especially lovin the mulberry papers. Wonderful texture in it! Will have to check out the links now!

nancy neva gagliano said... gorgeous and intricate...fine motorskills prevail for you!!