Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Secrets, Life and Videotapes!

If you are reading this post, more than likely it's because you've been to The Altered Page and learned about Seth Apter's new book "The Mixed- Media Artist: Art Tips, Tricks, Secrets and Dreams From Over 40 Amazing Artists" and how he is featuring 30 Artists 30 Days .

Thanks for taking the time to visit and Congratulations Seth!

Waves of gratitude flow through me each day when I view work of other artists included in this book.  I mean that.  To be among them is a true gift.   I can't imagine life without continuing to explore my creativity daily, and this, well, it really encourages me. 

My work in Seth's book took on more than what I'd initially anticipated.  As many of you already know,  he has a knack at digging below the 'surface' and is gifted  in 'drawing out' artist's  thoughts, motivations, desires, and visions.  It's no surprise considering that, apart from his artistic endeavours,  he also holds a PhD in psychology. 

As a positive consequence, many of the questions he posed in this process shone the spotlight on several of my own thoughts/musings and encouraged me to reexamine them in detail.
Over several weeks, one of these thoughts became a goal* and finally  transpired into this 47 second video below (which shows just a smattering of an estimated 150 iterations and edits.)

*To provide a tiny glance into my digital art process and provide viewers with an opportunity to understand and better appreciate this emerging new media.

In real time, "The Chairman" took over 40 hours  to complete, not counting the photographic elements, nor the time spent on the initial old  tattered drawing (circa 1980's) I dug up from an exercise in Betty Edwards book "Drawing From the Right Side of The Brain". 

I hope it will give you a glimpse from my side of this computer screen  and increase your understanding  of how new media  has far more in common with non-digital, traditional art techniques than what immediately meets the viewer's eye.

 "The Chairman" - From a Graphite Drawing to a Digital Collage - Trudi Sissons Two Dresses Studio

As for the secrets and dreams behind what inspired me to create "The Chairman" - well, you'll have to read about them once your copy of  Seth's book arrives.   They may surprise you!

As always, comments and feedback are appreciated.