Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Butterfly Effect - Update #11

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This week's update brings with it not only a delightful collection of seven new butterflies - but two REAL LIFE butterflies!!! Photographed below a blue 5 year old butterfly - Camryn (Cami) and her sister - Delilah!  The youngest of Sherri McInnis's four daughters.  Aren't they adorable?  From head to toe!

Sherri's parade of six butterflies arrived this week and included 3 butterflies from 5 year old blue butterfly Camryn, one from each of her other two daughters - Jillian and Lauren as well as one from Sherri. 

A big hug from  all of us to the McInnis family for embracing this project! And a special thank you to Cami for parting with her beautiful stickers, flowers, beads and that wonderful tiny gold hand.

Delilah and Camryn

The "Group of Seven"

Camryn Zhi Yu McInnis,  age 5
Moorseville, North Carolina, USA

Jillian McInnis
Mooresville, North Carolina, USA

Sherri McInnis
Mooresville, North Carolina, USA

Lauren McInnis
Mooresville, North Carolina, USA

Marguerite's butterfly has particular personal and heartfelt significance to it that I thought I would share today.  Her grandfather researched the family's ancestors to find they had distance German Jewish family members in the concentration camps.   Marguerite has found inspiration in the Holocaust Museum Houston project and is planning to launch a year long project around it.  She will begin on her birthday, December 16th and make one butterfly everyday for a year.  She plans to hang each one from the ceiling as the year progresses.  Stay tuned for a link to her blog that will feature this ambitious project!

Marguerite Bryant
Eureka, California, USA


Terri Kahrs said...

What a beautiful butterfly update, Trudi! There's a little something to make me smile, laugh and cry. The "real life" butterflies are just too cute for words; and I can't wait to visit Marguerite's blog to watch her project grow. What an inspiration! Many blessings & hugs, Terri xoxoxo

Healing Woman said...

It was so good to see families getting involved in the butterfly project. Somehow I have missed a few of your wonderful posts. I'd like to comment on the Tinsel Fairy. She is just dynamite. So fanciful and fairy like. She is in sharp contrast to the wolf digital image that you created. Both equally wonderful in their own way. The wolf actually scares me..great!

Debby said...

Oh my, this is such a special post. The butterflies are beautiful and I am so happy to see the children involved. Such an inspiration to have Marguerite participating and taking us on her journey. Thanks so much Trudi, this was a wonderful post. The girls are just darling as well. So happy to be participating in this aweosme project.
Trudi, you are a treasure.

Createology said...

Each and every butterfly is so special to be a part of this wonderful gathering. Two little girl butterflies are adorable. Happy collecting...

Invisible Hands said...

Thanks for sharing the lovely photographs on your blog. I'm so happy my daughters and I had the opportunity to share in this project with you.
sherri mcinnis

Seth said...

These are all so creative an unique!

Linda M. said...

Wonderful butterflies! Those real butterflies are too cute, how precious. Have a wonderful week.

Taluula said...

Thank you so much Trudi for a new update on the butterfly project and what a breath of fresh air to see the children getting involved. Wonderful.

bad penny said...

Thank you so much for the emails which bring us to see these beautiful additions to the ever growing butterflies. Totally lovely to see.