Saturday, November 27, 2010

New Colors and New "Technique"

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I'm busy this weekend trying to finish a double sided skinny page while also working at our sale, setting up appointments for work for next week and carving out time to go to a friend's home tomorrow for Grey Cup! I was a huge hockey fan when I was younger and had season tickets to the Edmonton Oilers back in the 'glory days' with Wayne Gretsy et al.  We cheered them on to the Stanley Cup on home ice 2 out of the 5 times.  Since then, nothing can compare in excitement!  So, I'm embarrassed to admit I can't even tell you who is in the Grey Cup final...

On to the skinny page - I don't usually combine lime green, orange and pink, but I'm enjoying this color combo and in particular I like the starkness of the white against the colors.  I'm also experimenting with sewing, beading and embroidering onto paper.  First obvious liability with paper, is when you punch a hole in the paper with a needle, and it's not in the correct spot, paper isn't as forgiving as cloth! (You'll see in the macro below examples of the oopps holes!

The images below are also illustrate quite nicely the differences in color and contrast  when comparing a 100% digital image, a scan, and a photograph. The digital images are both at 72 dpi.

Scan - Side One of 4 x 8 inch page - you have to look carefully to see the french knots, embroidery and beading as the scan doesn't capture any dimension and the colors are a wee bit desaturated from what they actually are.
Before I top stitched the edges I sewed a layer of silk ribbon around the edges. I did this for texture but also to reinforce the stitches in case the paper ripped.  For the second page, I am going to sew a layer of felt to the back side of the paper for the same reason.  This will also make the final page much thicker and add support.

Macros to illustrate dimensionality and texture of the paper and true to life colors

This is the second page - that, apart from creating the digital composition, I haven't begun to work on.
digital version of Page 1 above

Image Credits - Tumble Fish Studio at  and Cali Designs, Crow and Bird - Holliewood Studios -

Update - Nov 28
The pages are done!  This is a scan again so the dimensions don't show well.... a little better if you press on them to enlarge.,,,  but I made the deadline!  I hope Lisa likes them!


Cynthia Schelzig,Cynnie said...

This is truly mixed-media isn´t it...looks great and those! love the one with the little green beads.

Sandy said...

Wow wow wow wow what a fest for my eyes. Your work with stitching and beads are lovely. And wonderful in digital. Wow wow wow. Love it.

Have a lovely sunday dear Trudi.

Netty said...

They are both fabulous, I love your use of materials. Stunning work. Annette x

Createology said...

These colors are beautiful together as you have designed them. Love the close ups and your detailed stitching and beading. Great work.

Jade said...

i love that picture! i'm now into collage-like pictures.

Terri Kahrs said...

I'm officially in awe of your talent, Trudi! OMG! This color combo is stunning, and when I enlarged the finished pictures, I was blown away by all of the tiny little beads and embellishments. I bow to your creative expertise!!!! Hugs, Terri xoxo

Lorraine @ creativedaily said...

Yes, I do see those french knots - aren't they fun to do! Really effective colour combo! Hope your sale went well.