Wednesday, October 28, 2009


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Untitled - 8x16 inch digital collage

Over the past few days, Michele and I have been trading email images that began as an Exquisite Corpse collaborative project in our group, The Recollection Parlor. The image began as an anatomical drawing of a heart.   Michele then added the second anatomical drawing of the surgically altered torso (first image above)  and sent it back to me.  Last night and this morning, I completed the collage (second image above) It is packed full  of symbols and personal meaning to me.  I had considered writing about each element, but believe it's best left for the viewer to make their own interpretations.   Creatively, I did consider several elements of design, most prominantly on my mind was continuity and repetition, having recently reviewed some of my  notes from a course I took at Emily Carr last winter.
Credits for the images go to:  Altered Bits, Hedweb, public domain,  and Michele.

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