Thursday, October 15, 2009

Eleanor #42 and Skinny Page #13

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"In My Opinion" - 4x8 inch digital
First 12 4 x 8's
I was musing on a few things today. Our weather here has begun to warm up, with highs tomorrow in the teens (USA friends - around 65ish) but we missed the bright autumn colors because of the unexpected and heavy snow fall.. We went from green to green/white and now....hard to describe. There are still leaves on the trees but they're the color of frozen. It feels as though autumn was stolen from me this year and what remains is a colorless atmosphere that like me, is not quite at ease with its missing season.
I have seen several blogs with 'art dolls' on them recently Laura's and Shannon's to name a couple. Inspired by them, I thought I'd follow the trend for fun and create another Eleanor 'art doll' in a 4 x 8 format. It's digital with images from Altered bits and Iktupulli. The quote by Taoist philosopher Chuang Tze reads: "We cling to our point of view as though everything depended on it. Yet, opinions have no permanence; like autumn and winter they gradually pass away." p.s. pardon the absence of spaces to denote new paragraphs - blogger glitch!


Four Seasons in a Life said...

Indeed it sounds like autumn was stolen from you. Here in Northern California we survived the remains of a Pacific storm. Now the temperatures have risen to the point of being tropical.

The leaves have turned from a green to an umber earthy tone within less than a week, giving us only a brief moment of varying degrees of yellows.

Thank you for sharing.

Bea said...

Fall seems to return with the sun and blue skies although temperatures are in the 30s & 40s. Winter has jumped ahead of the line only to be pulled to the back for a short warm spell. High today of 48 degrees. :)Bea

Holly Loves Art said...

Hi Trudi!

What can I say? Your work is outstanding... this #42 is just divine! I miss you! It's been nice to come here and get caught up on what you're doing.

We had a lovely TWO days of rain and then it stopped and the sun came out and I had to turn on the air today and put my flip flops back on... way too hot for me... high 80's/low 90's... icky for the fall season.

I hope you're doing well.



Lorraine @ creativedaily said...

Wonderful variety of creativity here!

Viola said...

Fantastic!!!!!! :-)