Monday, October 05, 2009

Time Travel and the Case of the Mistaken Face

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"Time Travel" - 4 x 8 inch digital
This collage ended up being very enjoyable as I allowed my muse to soar into my childhood imagination and love of fantasizing about going back to the past or into the future. "Back to the Future" was a movie I always enjoyed watching with my children when they were young. I'd posted a draft of this collage a few days back but as you can see, it resembles very little of the initial draft apart from the vintage image of the young man. I imagined he'd become confused in programming his time travel and mistakenly entered in 'face' instead of CLOCK face. It's good to play! Here is the earlier (and my favored) rendition of this same collage. I prefer this color combination, but the specs call for rust and turquoise.


Bea said...

I love this one!! One of my favorite alter egos that developed after doing Zetti for a while was my Time Traveling Sir Zetti Corkey.
It's a thing I love too. I even have a blog dedicated to him but haven't had time to get back to creating with him. :)Bea

Seth said...

Creative, clever and cool! Such a unique idea.