Thursday, October 01, 2009

Le Nouveau Chapeau de Rose De Boussole

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Le Nouveau Chapeau de Rose de Boussole - 4 x 8 inches
Back page to accompany image on previous post for SB Project.... theme "Hats" - roughly translated to French from English it means "The Compass Rose Hat" Images purchased from Paper Whimsy and Hemera.


layers said...

I am starting to notice the creative way in which you show some of the face in your work-- mystery seems important.

Egmont said...

I hope I have it right since the image is small, that you started off with one of my favorite subject matter and items I love to collect, a map.
As always the calligraphy is a wonderful addition and especially the protractor/half circle which nicely balances with her fan.
I am not sure yet as to the two flowers, primarily because of their size. Maybe a bit smaller? It just feel top-heavy. Maybe play around with it.
Since the woman appears to be of Spanish descent, maybe a flower that has a Mediterranean background. A sunflower comes to mind. Maybe a little research is needed.

Thank you for sharing

Egmont said...

After a little further contemplation I am revisiting my comment on the two flowers I felt were to large and top heavy.
I am withdrawing my remark as to their size size I ailed to take into account your artistic style. I will remark that adjusting the colour slightly of one so that it does not feel like the same flower on the other side.
You may also wish to flip and rotate a little more so that they differ a little more.


peppapig said...

I love this,gorgeous!!

Seth said...

Another tremendous piece. You have been on a blazing streak of creativity lately!!