Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Can it really be true?

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....that tomorrow is July 1st?  Am I the only one this year that feels as if I never saw spring?  
Could also perhaps be that I've been pretty much glued to my computer creating digital artwork like the  mad woman that I am turning into.  I should say happy woman as having such a wonderful variety of images now to tinker with, it has become a kid in the candy shop.  

My fabric collages in progress have taken the back seat lately, although I know I have a couple that I've worked on and not posted here and will be snapping a few photos hopefully during the weekend.  Unfortunately, no photos yet of my 'little journey doll' from the workshop last weekend.  She is still getting dressed!  

On to my latest  digital work - the stars and the moon must have been in a digital designer seeking pattern as all but one of the Creative Teams I've signed up on released new packs over the past seven days.  So many beautiful new images, I really don't know where to start.    And, as I get to know more and more of these creative wizards, I feel even more responsible for making sure I acknowledge their work - because they are all great people and I believe their work deserves to be recognized.   And no, I don't get paid for saying this!!!!

There were several, I honestly lost count, new releases at  this week from Holliewood Studios, Tumble Fish Studio, and Crowabout StudioB - aka Hollie, Marsha and Nancy.   Nancy and Marsha also released their work in JPG format for those of you interested in cut and paste collage work.   So, if this entices you, pay them a visit at  Again, I repeat,  it sounds like a plug, but it isn't!  

Tangie Baxter also released a new set of images  in collaboration with another designer and shop -   The title of their  release is ART Stomp.

Here we go -

"To Whom It May Concern...Love"

Image Credits:  Tangie Baxter and The DigiChick - Art Stomp, black and white images - Library of Congress


Image Credits:  Tangie Baxter - Art Stomp, Bird Stamp - Holliewood Studios - The Collector

And these two are both journal pages - and just for fun......

The last 20 pounds

Image Credits - All Tangie Baxter - Pig - Black Licorice, Woman - Haute Soiree, all others - Art Stomp

An Altered State of Mind

Image Credits:  Phrenology, Entered stamp  and Palmistry - from Deviant Art, Arm - Tumble Fish Studio - Froo Froo, Male Figure - Tangie Baxter @ Scrapbookgraphics - Black Licorice, Art Stomp

More to follow...Thanks for visiting!  I'm  planning to spend some great leisurely time getting caught up on all of my favorite blogs!!


Lori Saul said...

You are busy and what wonderful art to show for it- I'm loving all of your beautiful pieces lately. Don't let summer pass by though!

Anji Johnston said...

Is it really July tomorrow?! I am still in January I swear! Your new artwork is unbelievably creative Trudi and so inspiring. It makes me realize that I waste far too much time worrying about keeping the house clean, shopping and a whole host of things that are non creative. Thank you for giving me the 'push' that I needed to find my muse again. It could be a late night for me!!

Marilyn Rock said...

You ARE busy wow! But; what beautiful art you are creating - just love all of it!