Friday, November 06, 2009

Traveler's H'Art - ALL THINGS POE Project - Bound Book and Page Selections

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Above, the wonderful outcome of a  Halloween project involving 32 artists and hosted by  a master of collaborative artistic projects - Red Dog Scott.  The artistic interpretations of various literary works of Edgar Allen Poe are bursting with imagination, ingenuity and creativity!  A treasured book to add to my growing library of one-of-a-kind  and original works.

My sincere thanks to:

Deirdre Abbotts
Jeanne Cavanaugh
Ari Cury
Anna Ely
Ex Fast Posto
Sharon Fraser
Ellen Gray
Matthew Howden
Llynn Huntley
Joan of Art
Colleen Kent
Rue Kroch
Abby Lazar
Kathy Martin
Wendy McGowen
Lynne Miller
Megan Murphy
Terry Owenby
Sue Pierson
Pat Pleacher
Plumb Crazy
Pamela Joy
Red Dog Scott
April Soncrant
Julie Stiller
Marjorie Tomei
Cynthia Weed


Four Seasons in a Life said...

Most exceptional indeed.

Thank you for sharing,

Lisa Holtzman said...

This looks fabulous Trudi! What a great project. I'd love to see more pages.

Marina said...

This is wonderful! I also plan to bind mine and you really inspired me to get going!! Happy to see my entry in the photo! :-)
BTW, you have a real cool blog! I will look more around.......

Marina (not Martina)

Laura Haviland said...

Fabulous Trudi and your new puppy is so cute !!!
Enjoy, Hugs Laura.

Lorraine @ creativedaily said...

How nice is this! A treasure...

layers said...

the cover looks great and I would love to see more pages (hint hint)