Monday, August 30, 2010

Wonderful weekend and More CT work -

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This weekend we attended a reunion in Lake Louise, Alberta - which for those of you unfamiliar with my neck of the woods, is within the gates of Banff National Park.  Although the weather was cool, the mountain air, glacier fed streams and the reconnection with nature that the mountains always provide made for a wonderfully rejuvenating time away.  I managed to only capture a few photos - the one below my of the tiny cottages where we stayed - The Post Hotel.  Isn't it sweet?  The second photo is taken from the other side of the creek looking across to the hotel. 
Click on either photo for larger images.

New CT Work
 Thinking I was just about caught up, Tangie Baxter released a new digital pack this past weekend entitled "She Found Her Bliss" and it has some beautiful colors and vintage images in it.... below a  few previews -

and  my first digital collage using "She Found Her Bliss"  -

This one's for  BEA - 8 x 10 inch original digital collage

I created this collage after reading a wonderfully inspiring post titled "What's The Point?"  written by a dear blog friend - Bea of Dog in The Hole Studio - you can read her post  here 

Image Credits:
Tangie Baxter at all images except -
Tumble Fish Studio for smaller figures and border
Holliewood Studios, ATC2 at - crow

Last Thursday, I had some welcomed visitors arrive to pick apples to preserve.    We thought that they'd be able to take the apples from both of our trees, but one tree yielded 300 kg of apples and so the second tree still remains loaded!   Here's a snapshot of the group that visited - I've printed out enough prints for each of them.

Tomorrow, I intend to provide an update on The Butterfly Effect, once I tally up how many artists, artists children, classes and groups that have already joined in!  I am absolutely over the top thrilled with the response so far! 

Thanks to everyone for your commitment to this project and as always, the encouraging comments on my artwork!


Bea said...

Those cabins are adorable. Oh, I bet the air was so clean and you could breathe....those of us in Wisconsin suffer from stuffed up sinuses most of the time. Thank you for the gorgeous digital art you did and inspired by something I wrote. AMAZING...your art, that is. I just love that picture of the ladies coming to pick the apple tree. Would you send them my way to pick my plum tree? Pleaaaaaaaaaaaze? :)Bea

Christine H. said...

This is an amazing post. First of all, the images from Lake Louise look like architectural models. It all looks so perfect. I have only been there in the Winter, but I think maybe I have to visit in the Summer.
I wish those ladies who came and picked your apples would pick my figs. Sigh. Amazing though, that you had so many on one tree.
And then your beautiful collages! It's like a week's worth of posts all in one.

Sandra said...

that hotel is just the cutest Trudi!
and ofcourse you've rocked your latest creation :-D

Anji Johnston said...

What a wonderful place to stay - I can just feel the mountain air and the harmony with nature you captured in your photos. Truly breathtaking. And what a wonderful gesture Trudi, to invite people to pick your apples! I, unfortunately, only have a deck at the moment but when I lived in Budapest I had apple and walnut trees. I so loved inviting the neighbours to come and pick as many as they could!
Thank you for the lovely comment you left on my blog. It was a bit self indulgent now I think about it but I miss my boy and it's a nice reminder for me to see his face when ever I open my blog. Thanks again Trudi and have a wonderful week.