Monday, August 09, 2010

Well, I'm not yet at my workshop...

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 but I will go later today.  I had to make a decision, a very hard one, based on my own personality to instead be present to learn the techniques, benefit from Martha's wisdom but leave the 'creative exploration' part of this workshop to  a time when I am completely  alone.   I know it sounds probably a bit strange to so many people, but, well, that's not going to be something that I will allow myself to worry about.  

I have tried on too many occasions to count, to participate in a group setting, but my creative brain just doesn't operate AT ALL and it inevitably results in  a frustrating experience for me, and probably for those around me, as I find most artists are apart from being wonderfully creative are also lovingly nurturing. 

It's not that I express my 'block' - or look for attention, not at all.  I love being in the environment, but it is anything but condusive to me being creative.

I've already received a call from the organizer of the workshop wondering where I was.  I would have emailed her, but I didn't have her address, nor a phone number.

This is a silver lining for me and  a wonderful step forward for me because first off, I know myself and have this personal insight and most importantly, is that I am no longer afraid to 'be myself 100% - in other words, I don't conform just for the sake of pleasing the 'status quo'.   Truth told, my muse is extremely shy and she rarely makes public appearances. 

If this strikes a familiar chord for you, we'd love to hear from you :0)

Now, on to my true musings....

Below is a new series of 3 collages I've titled " As The Crow Flies" - and I have just listed them on Etsy here.   Instead of writing about the meaning behind each one here, I've chosen to include the story in the package when they are sold.   

I am having trouble getting my images to size larger, so you have to click on them to view at a bigger size...

As The Crow Flies - Series of 3 5 x 7 inch limited edition prints

Number One
This one also fits into this weeks theme at  Sunday Postcard Art's - Houses!

Number Two

Number Three

Image Credits:
Number One -
Mrs. Inman - for rocking horse figure
Tumble Fish Studio - street scene and window frame
Holliewood Studios - crow, moon and tassel
Background 1 - Albert Giralt - Spain
Number Two -
Tumble Fish Studio - figure and frame
Background 2 - Albert Giralt - Spain
Holliewood Studios - crow
Number Three
Holliewood Studios - clock, crow
Lisa's Altered Art - figure
Tumble Fish Studio - building
Background  3- Albert Giralt - Spain


Cynnie said...

I can totally relate to what you are saying about workshops...I experiment and all but very RARELY
make any art in a workshop....just not for me. I produce very slowly and it always seems they are trying to rush, rush, rush,,,be it watercolor or collage or whatever it is and this just is not my method for I throw the paint around...make examples in my sketch books....everyone kind of looks at me out of the corner of their eye....but it does not bother me anymore and lots of them know me by now:) is only when I get at home in my studio where I can really paint something and absorb all the techniques...go over my notes,,,and make something for me.
These 3 works are outstandingly beautiful!!!! I just kept staring at them.....marvelous!!
Thanks for coming to my blog too....I appreciate it:)
Have a wonderful day.
Cynthia Schelzig,,,a.k.a. Cynnie

Bea said...

I don't go to workshops anymore. As lovely as the setting may be, reasonable or unreasonable the cost may be, I don't like to be confined to what I bring, the space provided, the music that somebody insists that I should listen to, eating when everybody says I should eat and not talking to myself.
I've tried to be a good student but I fail. If I'm bored I leave and take a walk, doesn't work well with some teachers.
If I don't have the right supplies or something that I just really want to use I get frustrated.
I will take notes.......I may play with what I brought but I prefer to experiment alone.
I talk to myself, eat jellybeans, talk to the departed, my muse, play drum music when I am stalled, chair dance when I need to "stretch" so, yeah, I understand completely. :)Bea

Ophelia said...

I have been a bit on the absentee list in blog land and haven't visited in a while, but I really, really love your new blog look!
Your work is always so amazing to me.
I loved reading this post...and I appreciate you sharing this.

NuminosityBeads said...

That's me as well, I rarely can produce anything that I'm super proud of in a workshop, I have to be alone to really absorb and utilize the information form a class.
Too much pressure to be amazing, which of course is my own expectation somehow.
xoxo Kim

bockel24 said...

Ha, Trudi, you should see me taking workshops at stamping conventions! No muse AT ALL!
Oh, and of course I love your crow pieces ...

Terri Kahrs said...

**Hand waving in the air!** ME too!! I can't create 'on demand' when I'm in a workshop. And if I DO manage to eek something out, it's never, ever something that I'm pleased with. I find that experimenting when I'm alone in my studio works best for me. Bravo, Trudi, for sticking to your creative guns and being 'you' 100%.

The new pieces are awesome! Actually, they make a great triptych!!! Hugs, Terri xoxo

Leila Gervais said...

Oooohh....I LOVE this image (all 3!) It's really quite something to stare at...and yes, I keep coming back to look at them. Beautiful imagery and I'm very curious about the story behind them. :-)

I've never taken a workshop, but I've taken art classes in college. I tended to get fidgety and bored...I think I work better in the comfort of my home. Then I can do what I want,when I want, and how I want - only answering to myself and my muse.

Debby said...

Hi Trudi,
I know what you are saying about the workshops. I never accomplish any project while I am there, just can't do it.
I love all three of your new pieces, amazing work.
I love the new look of your blog, awesome.

Sharon said...

Congratulations for knowing what works for you and honoring that part of yourself. That takes confidence and sometimes courage. I can't learn new techniques AND be creative at the same time. I especially can't create with an audience.
The workshop sound fabulous.I'm sure your muse will bring home lots of inspiration.
I'm loving your latest work. DeviantScrap is my new favorite shop

Sharon said...
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Healing Woman said...

It sounds like you really do know and better yet, respect yourself. I love workshops but find also that I do not produce anything worth keeping while there. I usually take a workshop or class in another country where I can enjoy the ambiance of that country and people in the class and country. I love when I can bring the technique home and work alone on it. "Alone" is a wonderful art word isn't it?

indybev said...

At last, kindred souls! I've always felt such a failure in workshops because I can never seem to do anything worthwhile. I can absorb the ideas, but I have to be in my own space to accomplish anything. Now I know I'm not alone. *** SIGH *** Thank you!

Missouri Bend Paper Works said...

Perhaps its the same with all the introverted artists...I love going to workshops, meeting new people, learning new things...but, it never works. The "flow" happens only in my own studio and even there, it can be elusive. Your work is beautiful and it takes a long time to trust your own voice and to be yourself. Bravo!


Lori Saul said...

I love all three of these beautifully expressive and mood pieces. Wonderful! I'm with you about group art workshops- I totally clam up and feel very intimidated. I have learned techniques though and once I'm home alone I go for it. That's why I love the art blog world; you can create, share and learn from each other in a comfortable place, and work with materials that you have chosen. I have never been more productive than I have since I started my blog. Love your post and art!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Marilyn Rock said...

Trudi; I also can relate to what you've posted here. When I take a workshop, I try to absorb the technique and it's only when I'm alone at my art table that I can create with it in my own way. Love your recent collages! Fabulous! xxoo

layers said...

I know what you mean-- I have a hard time concentrating and focusing when I am in a workshop or around other artists-- would rather talk and visit and I work best in my studio by myself. I love your crow series-- surreal for sure.

Laura Haviland said...

Trudi you just amaze me always,your so talented.I just adore everything you create.
The question you mention,she is really busy with work.
Have a great day.
Hugs,Laura. xoxx
So lovely to hear from you and thank you for your sweet comment. : )

carylsrealm said...

Understand on the workshop, but I love what you have created! Fabulous!

Annes Art said...


Christine H. said...

Hi Trudi,
I sent you an email with directions to protect your pictures from being copied. I'm never sure if email goes through, so please let me know if you did or didn't get it.


Cindy McMath said...

Trudi, first let me say I love your three new pieces! I came to see your "house" card, but they are all brilliant!

Next let's dish about the workshops - yes that's me too! For me, a big part of it is I'm one of those people who learns best by reading. So sure, show me, but please give me a handout to take home and absorb and try out in peace! I went to one of those art retreat weekends about 5 years ago (my only art classes since highschool I'm sorry to say). It was so much fun to meet all of the other artists - especially people I "knew" only online before that - but the classes themselves were not so productive. The best ones for me were some that focused on technique only - just playing around with paint and paper in a journal - not so much on "product" or end result. So if I go to one of those again (which I would love to, budget and time allowing) it's going to be all about technique and playtime - not about producing my first gallery-quality necklace or whatever - LOL

Thanks for the lovely eye candy and the great topic.

Cindy :)

I need orange said...

I think the whole notion that I can produce soemthing I'm going to like, on demand, in a strange setting, surrounded by other presences, is just ... odd.

If I approach it from a "well, here we are, what can we do with what we have?" and NO expectations that I will like anything that results, I can enjoy it, but sometimes it just gives me a hive. (to quote one of my favorite lines from the movie "The Sure Thing.")

So if it's a teacher I really admire, I may take the workshop, but I am allowed to do whatever I want, and if that's go for a walk or whatever, well, that's what I"m going to do.

ps -- online workshops -- excellent, at least the two I"ve taken. On your own time, on your own schedule, and you don't have to show anyone your results unless you want to.

I need orange said...

ps -- agreeing with Cindy McMath about technique vs project workshops.

MUCH happier when it's "Hey, look at these cool things to play with!" than when it's "Here, make this, just like I tell you to do it."

I had a lovely time at a rubber-stamping workshop, once, where the teacher brought allllllll her supplies and we just brought stuff to stamp on.

We got to play with her toys, and there were no "goals" of what we would end up with.

Goog said...

Wow - I've SO often wondered about this! I think taking workshops would be awesome, but I know I wouldn't be able to participate while I was there. I had this problem in school, too. Friends are always checking out each others work, looking over shoulders. I often sat at my desk doodling, unable to start an assignment because I didn't want people to see my work. Not because I didn't know what I was doing, I got plenty of A's, I just didn't want them to see it!