Friday, August 20, 2010

More creative team work to share...

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First off, a huge thank you to everyone who left me a comment on my article publication. And again, my apologies to Mrs. Traub. 

 Earlier this week, I stumbled across a 'new to me' challenge - Collage Obsession, hosted by Kris, better known as Iktupilli,  and Elegia.   They host a weekly challenge on Mondays and this week the instructions were  to take  this William Bouguereau’s masterpiece and use part of it to create a new collage - the theme being angels.  Personally, I enjoy the various challenges in Blogville as they give my muse a bit of a 'spark' !   Thanks Kris and Elegia!

Image Credits: William Bouguereau, Cali Designs for the flowers, Tangie Baxter at for the sky, Holliewood Studios - - Theatre of Dreams for floor, VOID for Bathtub, handwriting - A Rose is a Rose. 

Not that I really needed a 'spark' this week as three of the designers I create art for released new kits.  The first of which was Fair Maidens - from SherrieJD who had recently  invited me to join her team and, well, with these kinds of  images, how could I say no.

So, I started off with my muse imagining how uncomfortable these dresses would have been to actually wear...or even move in - good thing there were no automobiles - b/c the likelihood of a shoulder check would be slim to none.... 
The First Turtleneck

Muriel - 4 x 6 inch Origina Mail Art - digital collage

Together - Birds of a Feather

Above,  I was noticing how much the yoke of the dress looked like eggs - no pun intended...and this then lead my muse to dress up the bird, and create a neckline of eggs and feathers....

Deviating away from the creative team work for a bit, the following two were inspired by an image I had purchased of the church you see in the second piece  -  I loved the contrast between the white and the cobalt blue stain glassed windows.  I apologize for the poor resolution on these images here - it's just a precaution to prevent the potential for back alley surfers to poach them....
These are brilliant in full resolution and I have them matted (in real life) and ready to be framed.

- 5 x 7 inch original digital collage - available for purchase here

 - 5 x 7 inch original digital collage available for purchase here

Image Credits:

Sacred - SherrieJD - Fair Maiden for renaissance women, link above, Kate Pertiet - butterflies, Holliewood Studios A Rose is a Rose, Tangie Baxter - Background - Tempest Tossed

Profane - Drape, Roses and English Ivy  - Holliewood Studios -,  A Rose is a Rose
Female Figure - Candies for Everyone -,  Cloth - Markopolio Stock - - Church - my purchased stock

Together - SherrieJD - Fair Maiden - link above, Feathers - Catherine Designs, Background - Lauren Bavin - Heart and Soul

Muriel -  Figure and postage stamp SherrieJD - Fair Maiden - link above, and Nevermore, Heart Earring - Catherine Designs

And a new release from Tangie Baxter this week ' Unconventional Wisdom' - lead me to another mail art piece -

Life - It Happens!


Bea said...

Beautiful, amazing, funny stuff. I've seen somebody's work were she has her name embedded in the bottom of the picture. I'm not sure how she does it but it prevents people from using the picture as their own. :)Bea

Healing Woman said...

Love your new banner. My favorite this time is Muriel.

If you go to you can use their free editing service which allows you to print your name on each of your pieces of art, in any font you'd like. Bea was correct.

Lori Saul said...

Lovely pieces all- a refreshing take on such wonderful old works. Love these!

Ophelia said...

So amazing! Your work is always so breathtaking!

Elegia said...

Oh, your all pieces are fantastic! The angel you did for Collage Obsession challenge is amazing, it really impressed me!


Terri Kahrs said...

Trudi, you certainly have been busy this week!!! OMG! Each piece is stunning, and together they make a fascinating collection of strong, colorful and creative women (with a dash of humor thrown in for good measure!). Bravo!!! Hugs, Terri xoxo