Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I'm so happy....and so behind!

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The Butterfly Effect

  • First off a big big Thank YOU to all of you that have signed up to join The Butterfly Effect OPEN!   At last count we were at 24 I will be updating the little image on the left here with the number of warm souls who have joined in.  I've been encouraged by the interest expressed so far and hope it continues. 

  • A deadline has yet to be established.  But because the actual exhibit isn't scheduled until sometime in 2013, let me reassure you, we will have lots of time! 

  • Secondly, again a thank you to my Aussie-down-under-pal Tara who always adds a bright spark to my day but this time, she added one of her funky 'blinkies' FOR FREE!!!!!  And I love it!  I also must credit Renee Pearson for the use of her beautiful green butterfly - it is one of my favorites!  And thank you to all of you that have added either the blinkie or the little 'icon' to your sidebars to spread the word and to those of you who are telling your teacher friends about the project so they may consider using the lesson plans as part of their teaching curriculum.

  • My gratitude list for the past few days has been bursting at the seams!  And my belief in the power of higher energy and the the collective consciousness has only been reinforced.  I've had the  fortune of hearing others share their experiences of personally  knowing Holocaust survivors or having been as deeply effected by the 'atrocities' in other ways, whether it was by reading literature on the subject or by their responses to films created that have dealt with the Holocaust.  On the top of my list for this genre was Steven Speilberg's "Schindlers List" and perhaps one of my top 10 favorite movies of all time - "Life is Beautiful".  Two other films were mentioned in the comments received - "The White Countess" and "Karol".   I plan to check them out. 

Catching up on CT work -  better late than never!

First, a few digital collages that for lack of a better word, I neglected to post.  They were patiently waiting in my files and I didn't hear a peep from them until I forced myself to do some filing!  As you can plainly see, my muse decided to favor a particular color pallette in these!!!! 

"Oh Charlie" - digital collage

2nd Version - this is actually the front side of the envelope
and below is both the outside and inside...

Here is a photograph of it in 2D showing how it folds... 

and the image you see that is behind the envelope is a print I made just before I finished
this one below -

High Society Fly

I was thinking abou the conflict between the material world and the natural world - I bet you my bottom dollar, that that was probably the last thing you thought of when you looked at it!!!  Oh well, that's what I like about holding an 'artistic license'!!!  The beautiful woman is one of Tumble Fish Studio's Marsha's amazing images! She is a moviestar - Lya de Putti, a Hungarian actress from the silent movie era in the 1920's.
Image Credits -
Birds - www creative commons - extracted
Drapery, clouds, birdcage hat and chandelier and floor - Holliewood Studios - ATC1 and 2
The Thing Finder
Figure and Fly - Tumble Fish Studio
High Society - Tangie Baxter

See what I mean about the muses'  vivid color pallette........here's another that is relative similar to the one above in color although I used one of Last Door Down The Hall -  Elizabeth's  images

:;;;l i s t e n;;;

Image Credits -
Holliewood Studios - Theatre of Dreams
Figure - Elizabeth Golden - Last Door Down the Hall
Birds - creative commons WWW

Catch A Falling Star - Limited Edition Print 5 x 7 inch

Image credits: 
 virtually all Tumble Fish Studio  with a few exception and are listed with the description of the print  available for sale  here

If you haven't signed up already, please take a moment to  read
 more about The Butterfly Effect



Bea said...

I have to ask, what kind of a print do you have to get that GORGEOUS color coming through when you print it out? I love that color combination. I have an HP with the individual inks but I still never get anything as bright and beautiful as that envelope.:)Bea

Terri Kahrs said...

Stunning, gorgeous, fantastic, magnificent, wonderful, breath-taking!!!!Oh, and might I add fabulous to the mix?!? Your colors are amazing and are only exceeded by your creativity! Hugs, Terri oxo

Ann said...

Just found you @ layers of creativity. I want to participate in this awesome project. My email is ambaseballfan@gmail.com.

Ann@ onceuponafirefly.blogspot.com