Saturday, August 14, 2010

Creative Team Work - Tangie Baxter

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Tangie released a digital pack this week entitled Tempest-Tossed  where she included some amazingly stormy backgrounds reminiscent of The Tempest.   Took me back to my high school days and studying Shakespeare... 

Here's my contribution to her latest work -

Tempest - 5 x 7 inches

Image Credits:  Tangie Baxter -
figures - creative commons
frame - Holliewood Studios -
Quote - Morris West

And another Skinny Page that  I created using her Fairy Friends Version 2 -

A Bird in Hand  - 4 x 8 inch

Image Credits -
Tangie Baxter at Scrapbook Graphics - My Faery Friends #2,
and Tumble Fish Studio - figure

A couple of others I finished in July 2010 but haven't yet posted them here -

The Dolphin Dance

and me trying to release a bit of pent up sadness  creatively when considering the long lasting consequences of  The Gulf disaster....

The Gulf....

Image Credits: Tangie Baxter - The Shadowy Sea
Lisa's Altered Art for figures in #1


Christine H. said...

That top one should be my motto! Wonderful

Debby said...

Both are fabulous Trudi!!!

Cynnie said...

Gorgeous the quotes...
Cynthia Schelzig

Hands to Work, Hearts to God said...

Fantastic as usual! Keep em coming! I love looking at your work! Hello from all the way here in the Philippines! What I love most about the blogworld is i travel to far away places and see the most fantastic art without even the need to dress up! Thank you for sharing your wonderful art!

Patsy from

Healing Woman said...

The Tempest is my favorite..great!

Terri Kahrs said...

What can I say about your work that I haven't said before, Trudi?!? Such a wonderful display of your considerable talents. "Tempest" is spectacular - a classic worthy of the Great Bard. And then the mood shifts into enchantment with "A Bird in Hand" - beautiful! And then, you've lifted our spirits with "the Dophhin Dance", and reduced me to tears with "The Gulf". STANDING "O"!!! Bravo!!! Hugs, Terri xoxo

Seth said...

All these are stunning T. But I have to say that The Gulf really moved me. Beautiful in looks and powerful in message.

catworx said...

I really, really like the storm piece, the background is amazing & I love the figures that you added.

Of course, the other pieces are amazing, I believe you expressed your sadness very well, that piece is so evocative.