Monday, August 16, 2010

Before and Afters - Front and Back

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I'm glad to be heading off to the post office this morning with a few more projects completed and ready to take flight, or hit the pavement! 

This week I plan to be searching the web for some instruction on how to create natural lighting when trying to photograph images.  You'll see why below as I have included some macros of the  cloth skinny page with the Paper Whimsy figure - I adjusted the colors and contrast of the image that shows the full skinny page, but haven't done any adjusting on the macros.  Can you tell the difference?

These two images make up the front and back, now sewn together.
Before and After - Back of Page  Skinny 4 x 8

Before and After -  Front Page - Digital to Cloth

A few close ups - untouched -

And, a photo of our new backyard resident - a Yellow Bellied Marmot!  These days, about 50% of the time I look out to the backyard during the day, I either see a cotton tailed bunny or this marmot!  I had never seen a marmot before and thought when I first saw him, it was a badger.  He most resembles a beaver to me because of his size (approx. 30 inches long) was surprised to learn he is considered a SQUIRREL!! He seems to love to feed on grass, often sits upright on his hind legs,  and oddly I often see him right in the middle of the back yard, seemingly not concerned with maintaining cover and also not that fast moving.


Painting by Carl Brenders -

PS - Here's the distinction  between a groundhog and a marmot -

The groundhog (Marmota monax), also known as a woodchuck, or in some areas as a land-beaver, is a rodent of the family Sciuridae, belonging to the group of large ground squirrels known as marmots. Other marmots, such as the yellow-bellied and hoary marmots, live in rocky and mountainous areas, but the woodchuck is a lowland creature. It is widely distributed in North America and common in the northeastern and central United States. Groundhogs are found as far north as Alaska, with their habitat extending southeast to Alabama.[2]

So - the groundhog is a WOODCHUCK, where as the yellow-bellied marmot is known as a ROCKCHUCK - but both are from the MARMOT family.... 
......little known facts by Two and Wikipedia!


Terri Kahrs said...

Exquisite! You know how much I adore your fabric pieces, Trudi! Aaaaahhhh, yes - the quest to simulate natural lighting. Makes such a difference with the macros. However, your shots show every luscious detail.

I've never seen a Marmot before! Had no idea what type of animal it might be. He does resemble a groundhog! Hugs, Terri xoxo

Cynnie said...

Oh heavens this does make a difference in photographing your pieces I might add....also this "creature" that not what is called a "Groundhog"...the critter that pops his head out of the hole in America like sometime in Feb? is cute ...we don´t have any in Germany...least I have never seen them...lots of weasels which love to chew the hoses in your car....ggrrrr...but none of these.
Cynthia Schelzig

Healing Woman said...

As usual, I love your digital to cloth skinnys. It looks like you added a slight ruffle to this one and I really like that addition. I'm not sure about the lighting issue. I always have trouble with that myself.

Varmits! LOL I've never seen the one you have in your yard but the rest of them continue to eat my garden daily. Beavers, chipmunks, squirrels, raccoons and many more.

Taluula said...

Oh my goodness yes, this does make a difference. I know envy is BAD but oh I so envy your talent and skill in making these fabric pieces. Amazing.

Christine H. said...

Well, he's kinda cute, and certainly preferable to one of those hose-chewing weasels!

catworx said...

Yum, your shades of white pages are delicious, Trudi!!!

And a marmot, aren't they wonderful creatures!

Sanja said...

absolutely unique and exquisite. love your fabric work.