Friday, September 04, 2009

Opinions????? I'm a PC

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I'm looking for suggestions/input as I'm in the market for a new desktop computer - tower only. What's important to me is a VERY fast CPU, 8 GB DDR2 an independent graphics card, and a minimum of 500 GB . So, ANY suggestions/thoughts/experiences? If you have an Intel Core 2 Quad, has it lived up to your expectations? Recommendations for a graphics card? there a difference anymore or are they all similar? What resources do you access when researching? Do you think cNet or PCWorld provide unbiased reviews ??? Thanks in advance!


layers said...

Guess my opinion won't be much help--- I just today got my new computer-- it is a desktop but Apple Mac--- love my Apple macs and my new one is super upgraded with extra speed, extra memory etc. have you looked at Apple?

Chrisy said...

I've got nothing technical here for you...sorry...just had to tell you that your header is fantastic!

egmont said...

Well my dear, I have been with Apple ever since I can remember. I know they are more expensive but on the other hand, I have never had any problems!
Their operating system never had any bugs, or at least as I am concerned.
The only thing I can suggest that if you stay with a PC, have a nerdi college kid build you one from the ground up. My friend who has mostly Mac's needed a PC to do some testing and his was build with parts purchased at the computer store and for being all souped up, it is more powerful then those you can buy off the shelf and the bottom line, it costs less money because it does not say Dell, Sony or any other brands name on the box.

Bea said...

I've got an Compaq that had worked beautifully for four years. I've always gone to Best Buy and told them what my needs are and they have found me exactly what I have wanted.
I have a flat screen large monitor which I love by LG.
Good luck on your purchase.

Anonymous said...

I am currently purchasing a PC as well and there are some lovely machines at a good price right now. I am giving away my brand new MacBook, I can't take it anymore. So that said - nip on over to Future Shop, I have tried every one everywhere. They seem to have the latest and greatest at the best prices. You are very specific in your specifications, just tell them at the store and it will be done. Shopper's Drug Mart kids seem very knowledgeable as well.