Tuesday, September 22, 2009

NEW and improved :0) Six of Cups for All Things Poe - Tarot Deck

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Another digital tarot card for the Capolan project - this is the 4th or, is it 5th, version I've created for this particular card. I'm liking it today - but my perspective is always very warped directly after I've worked on a piece of art in any medium. So, I'll sit with this one for a few days and revisit it again. You'll note a few similar 'items' as were incorporated into my digital work yesterday. I'm big on bones and typewriters this week but 'wearing' down on the digital expressions and feel a switch coming on. The cup also made an appearance in the Queen of Swords card. It's from Hemera.


van Dyck said...

I love being surprised and finding a visual feast for my eyes. Once more you have done so and I have not been disappointed.

Thank you

Seth said...

Fantastic. I love what you are doing with bones these days!!