Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Black Cat - Edgar Allen Poe - FINAL Tarot Card - Project Complete!

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And finally, the last of my four cards for the Capolan All Things Poe Tarot Deck. This card is simply a modification in size and a couple of image adjustments my 4x4 card created for the Haloween Poe deco safely in the hands of Red Scott. Below the tarot card is a compilation of all of the cards I've completed so far. I am working on completing an entire deck (78 cards) but have decided to revise my initial goal of having the deck completed by the end of the year since that would entail a card every other day approximately between now and December 31, 2009. I had enough deadlines to last a lifetime in my career and am learning to relax my productivity neuroses in favor of a more relaxed, carpe diem lifestyle. I will be starting on a Skinny Book project in January with 17 wonderfully talented mixed media artists. I'm thrilled to be included among this group and will blog about this more as the time draws near. I'm currently brainstorming an idea for what the theme of my book will be. Now, I'm looking for suggestions and recommedations for on-line courses to consider. If you have taken a course either on-line or in person and give it a 10 star ranking, I'd love the details. There seem to be new ones popping up weekly at Creative Workshops, and most recently Lorraine at Creative Daily mentioned a course over at As always, thanks to everyone who has signed up to follow my ramblings and creative pursuits as well as those of you who drop by randomly. Your comments, suggestions and ideas are always helpful and also serve to reinforce the notion of the tremendously positive bond amongst artists in this milieu. I love being a part of this community.
The First Twelve


Lorraine @ creativedaily said...

Well done Trudi! The variety is amazing.

Egmont said...

It is great to see them all together as a set. I am sure you are happy that the set is finally done.

Have a wonderful day

yvonne said...

As I go through your blog I keep finding more and more amazing talent. These are wonderful! Love the design of each card.