Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Free Heart ATC, Envelope and Postcard

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Do you ever enter into a collage just by chance ? You just happen to put an image on top of another, whether it's to file away or to clear a space to work on another project...and it happens? The combination of two images seem to be speaking to you?
This collage started out that way as have several others in the past. It began as a postcard, then I added a heart from a magazine clipping, then the words Free - Heart came from how I was feeling this past weekend with a surprise visit from my daughter. Then I scanned the post card and one thing lead to another and I had an ATC that I worked on digitally and then again added other elements and layers after I printed it. The collage became another collage and so on....The images of the two women fully cloaked came to mind as a result of a quote .... ~ Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart. Kahlil Gabrin
What inspires you to create? Do you begin with a vision, an image that draws you in, a song on the radio, a film you've just viewed?


layers said...

I usually work within a series and generally do not stray from the content I am concentrating on. I choose my images, my colors, my textures ahead of time and plan the painting out. I start with the imagery first, usually a digital image and then look for collage papers to support that image. I like to add text, letters, numbers, circles or dots. I usually complete 10-20 works within that series before moving on.


When I do a collage it is mostly restricted to type and its approach I think is different from working with images and type.

There is a fear I am trying to overcome as I have just started adding a piece or two to my notebook cover and we will see where it leads to.

Working however digitally is another mater, since it is all temporary layers one can move around without commitment until one collapses the layers.

As for your image, it speaks to me for obvious reasons but also because of your use of German type and MIddle Eastern women.

It was a pleasure dropping by.

Seth said...

It is always so special when art almosts creates itself through some serendipitous "accident" such as when two images jusy happen to fall next to each other!