Wednesday, September 02, 2009

He wasn't all about horror..... All Things Poe Tarot Deck

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Six of Batons
Although the composition of this card is pretty much complete, I can't decide which variation in colors I prefer, so I thought I'd ask for some input? In other words, "Poll the Audience" :0)
If you could leave a comment that states the order of your preference eg) 231, I'd appreciate it!


Egmont van Dyck

This is where one is threading upon thin ice. The airiness of three makes it better in my opinion, yet I feel all three desire the flower to separate itself more from the background so that a greater illusion of depth is created. Having the flower in the same hue as the goblets defeats separation.
Squinting at the three images, you will see that there needs to be contrast in the flower, more darkness, shadow that is and so a bit of highlight as well.
Forgive my honesty, I hope my thoughts help in some way . . .

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Two. Cups are assigned to the element of water and the colors blue and green are perfect.