Monday, September 21, 2009

New Banner - Again....too much information?

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Years ago, I used to have a rather chronic case of furniture rearranging. Just ask my exhusband. I eventually overcame it, (or maybe it was a symptom of my need to rearrange my husband) No. I take that back. I think more accurately, I've just replaced it with rearranging my blog banner. Here's the new beast - just actually added to my old banner (well...2 month old banner). I'm not sure if I like the non-minimalist look. But, I do know, I like my second husband much better! He's a keeper. the banner?


van Dyck said...

As it is the first day of autumn tomorrow, I went ahead and changed my masthead to reflect this event, considering the other site is called Four Seasons in a Life. However the link to this one most likely will see no change.

I am a firm believer that a masthead is like a business card and careful consideration needs to be given to it. Also changing it too often is not advised. So what about this new version . . .

This new version and the one previously are both excellent, however this version reflects more what it is that you do, whereas the previous masthead did not.

As for the design and layout of the new version, there are a couple of adjustments I recommend.

The stamp version in the upper left hand corner I would remove as it crowds the area.

The word welcome I would make smaller and have it fit into the shipping tag just right behind. Doing so will read better as it will be from 8 to 2 o'clock position and not 10 to 4 as it is now.

This is nit-picking but the guitar, I would lose or place elsewhere.

The last suggestion is the cancelation stamp over the bow. I would move this horizontally to the right to where the cancelation stamp's left tip is over the bow with no more letters than GRE, at most GREA.

Bottom line is that this new masthead reflects who you are and what you do.

Best wishes

Bea said...

Hmmmm. normally I say, if you like it keep it until you don't like it anymore.
I normally change my once a week because I like to look at something different. BUT, that said, I like what's up there now and I like this variation on yours.

layers said...

I do think this new banner shows your creativity, but I did get used to your old banner which I also thought was pretty creative-- guess this is not much help.

Lorraine @ creativedaily said...

My 2 bits - I like this one A LOT!

Seth said...

SO much to love in this banner. I think I am liking the "fullness" of the newest version!