Friday, September 25, 2009

and from Michele....

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Michele of Digital Dissonance sent me this fabulous package in the mail. The Somerset (Stampington) publication - Digital Studio recently published a lengthy article on a selection of Michele's inspiring digital artwork. Of course, they requested Michele contribute some of the methods she uses to create her one-of-a-kind pieces - who wouldn't want to know? As a member of our art group known as The Recollection Parlor, I've been fortunate to know Michele through several projects we've collaborated on. I've also had the pleasure of visiting her in California. She is an exceptional teacher and I know of no one more patient and generous in sharing her thorough knowledge of Photoshop. This particular collage was a 'game' Michele and I engaged in together that Michele invented. We each listed several objects in an email to each other and created digital collages based on the list. Some of the general objects in the list for this collage were a man, a feather, architecture, a horse and a clock. Several of the stamps, including the cancellation stamp the envelope are those that Michele has created for her country - the Republic of Niara. It's hard to tell them from the USA stamps isn't it? Thanks Michele.


Michele said...

Wow - thanks for the kind words!

dolls like us said...

You are such a good photographer I love what you shared !