Sunday, October 17, 2010


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I forgot to post my 'junk find of the year' photo as promised on Friday.  It's a printer's drawer that I purchased for a measily $10.00 - I have a 'thing' about boxes, compartments, and vintage things and my eyes probably bounced straight out of their sockets when they landed on this.... 296 little framed shelves - if I decide to hang it - or 296 spaces for my smaller junk! (which might be enough space...for now!)   You see, it's not hoarding if it's organized!  In case you didn't know it's just a side effect of being a mixed media artist!!  No, I'm not defensive. 

Here's a few snapshots of a project I wrapped up a few weeks ago - one that I didn't know I was even signed up for...and well, I'm still not sure I was.  But, I wasn't going to argue - an Autumn/Halloween themed bookmark out came Eleanor again... times 30 or so (it's all one big blur now)

This was a collage I had completed about a year ago that I altered into the below image -

Apart from adding some images of leaves and Tumble Fish Studio - a border, number, the 'eye'  and the figure of the young boy, bottom left, I added some german foil scrap, and heat embosssed some leaves, over top as well as added a sparkling little ruby to her pointer finger.  Then I added a grommet and what isn't pictured here is the fiber I strung through the grommet.  Below are the digital versions....

Autumn Eleanor - digital collage/bookmark

Image Credits - and Holliewood Studios - ATC kit -

Finally, a project that I've stumbled over, under and around for several weeks.  Now complete. What I had in mind and what transpired are two entirely different ideas.  The 'concept' (loosely stated) was to create an image that depicted unlocking one's find a way to interpret their meaning...this proved to be a much more difficult notion to illuminate visually! 

What does show up nicely is the hand-dyed doilies that I purchased from aka Lorraine of Creative Daily

And finally, I made an envelope recycling a calendar image, along with a tag and note from my new blog several of the elements in this project were appease the Gods of Recycling. Now I can sleep guilt-free!   The ribbon looks like jute, but it is actually from Mudhound Studio - hand-dyed silk fibers.  It has an amazing patina.

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NuminosityBeads said...

That is an extra special print tray too with the reinforced corners...envious here! I like your projects too.

thekathrynwheel said...

I LOVE your junk find. What a find! I will be very interested to see what you do with it :-)

Healing Woman said...

I love everything you showed in this post. The sparkle at the nose of the China faced girl is very special. The dream skinny perfectly shows the opening of the mind to the dream world. I love your detail on this one and the envelope is really wonderful. Wow.

Terri Kahrs said...

You're not going to believe this, but my daughter & her husband gave me a print tray for my B'day!!! LOVE them!!!

BTW - your fabric work is becoming more sophisticated and even more beautiful with all of the layers and intricate eye candy you've been adding. Stunning work, Trudi!!!! Hugs, Terri xoxo

Bea said...

Gosh I miss making envelopes. When I was in a lot of Yahoo groups and heading swaps I would make envelopes to return cards and such to people. Now, my snail mail is practically zilch. This is beautiful, your work always is, though. From a big fan, :)Bea

MosaicMagpie said...

Left a link to this post here.
Pat is looking for crazy quilt designs that don't mention Crazy Quilting. Thanks for the post and helping me with the scavenger hunt.

Tumble Fish Studio said...

Oh Trudi! What a "wow" post! So many lovely things to see at once!

The printer's drawer . . . I earned by BFA by handsetting type and printing on a letterpress printer. I came to know printer's drawers intimately! And I love them to this day. I have one too!

Eleanor is my favorite of your ongoing explorations. This version of her is exquisite in her autumn glory.

You and I are living on parallel dimensions - I too have been thinking of dreams lately! I've had some very strange and real dreams about my dad that have me looking for or wanting answers, interpretations, validations to a life beyond the tangible. Your interpretation is gorgeous and delivered in such pristine and intricate details. I love the idea of how your work is fibrous and the weaving of threads and stitches to tell your story. The colors of this are so beautifully combined.

Well, you hear enough from me away from your blog so I'll leave it at that. A beautiful, beautiful post!

studioJudith said...

Lots of goodies here , but that Autumn Elenor is beyond divine ...


Lorraine @ creativedaily said...

OMG are you kidding me - $10 for a printer's drawer! By far, best junk find of the year and at this price WOW.... Bookmarks turned out fabulous - this must have kept you busy for some time (30)... The skinny is great, love the doilies LOL - thanks so much for mentioning my etsy... Last but not least, the packaging - a feast for the eyes. I love to see how artists "package" their creations/goodies for sending off don't you?!

Taluula said...

I love ALL of this, I want to hold it and look closer and I confess it makes my mouth water with longing. Gorgeous.

Anji Johnston said...

I cant keep up with your posts and all the amazing artwork you are putting out - unbelievable! Your creative mind never ceases to amaze me Trudi - a true professional.