Thursday, October 14, 2010

Textural Tantra....

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Last week while photographing 'the butterflies' I took advantage of having a fresh set of batteries in my camera and captured a few additional photos that seemed to share a common element - TEXTURE. 

 Lisa J.'s  (Mudhound Studio) butterfly arrived several weeks ago with textures that made my mouth water.  Not only was the butterfly sensational, but she had wrapped a beautiful thin hand painted silk yarn fiber around her package - something I had never seen before.  I zoomed over to Lisa's Etsy shop and placed an order.  It arrived last week, beautifully wrapped. 

This is Lisa's photo (taken from her Etsy shop) 

Lisa Jurist - Mudhound Studio - Hand Painted Silk Yarn
 available for purchase here

Below - a fabulous collage sent to me from Patty S. ( Magpie's Nest  )  Again, what a beautiful display of textural elements!  Thanks Patty!

Collage by Patty S.

And this beautiful handmade paper she wrapped her package in - maybe she'll share her technique for achieving these beautiful impressions???  Thanks Patty! 

In August I received this beautiful 4 x 8 skinny page from Viola at ( Saray-Viola )  posted below.

It was Viola who  first inspired me to get out the sewing machine and begin to work with layers of fabric, images, buttons, lace..... Her work is always amazingly detailed and textural -

And finally,  a skinny page I completed several months ago as a cover page  -

Thanks for stopping by and stay tuned for my junk find of the year photos tomorrow PLUS the latest incoming butterflies!


Createology said...

Indeed these are all wonderfully textural art pieces. If only we could touch and feel them as that is truly what inspires. Lovely and thank you for sharing.

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

Dear Trudi ~ what a lovely post and how sweet to find that I am included amongst so many inspirational pieces.
Wish I could take credit for the swirls in the wrapping paper ... I only added some turquoise Lumiere paint to it and was happy that the pressed pattern remained.
Thank you for sharing so much lovely creativity.
I am curious about your junk find of the year = Junk is Good!

Lisa said...

Your skinny page is beautiful Trudi! I think it the first fabric work I've seen from you!
Thanks for the kind mention and link...from the lovely pieces posted here it's obvious that you and I share a love of texture and layers!

Leslie Avon Miller said...

What fun!

Rita A. said...

These are so wonderful I can almost feel them. Your photography is amazing. Makes we want to dig out all my old things and run my hands over them.

Terri Kahrs said...

Trudi, your macro captures are FABULOUS!!! You've captured every wonderful, mouth-watering little detail!!! I can almost "feel" these goodies through the monitor!!!! Thank you soooo much for the luscious inspiration and for sharing! Hugs,Terri xoxoxo

Lorraine @ creativedaily said...

Fabulous textures - love them!