Wednesday, September 29, 2010

UPDATE #4 - The Butterfy Effect

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Just to make sure you don't miss this, I am starting this post with a big  thank you to each of you who have sent their butterflies, and an additional thank you to those of you who  also have enclosed beautiful cards or notes.   I am without words to express how humbled each of you cause me to feel. Please, for those of you in the process of making or sending butterflies,  this is absolutely positively not necessary.  Your time and kindness is more than enough alone!

As many of you know, the 'thesis' which this project came to life was based on   a poem written by a young man by the name of Pavel Friedmann who perished in the Holocaust at the age of 23.    It is published in a book by the same name ...I never saw another butterfly... Children's Drawings and Poems from Terezin Concentration Camp 1942-1944.   It is available for sale at Amazon here

 Today, I thought I would share another  poem published in the book - a poignant reminder for all of us to feel grateful for our privileged  lives.    Unfortunately, the author is anonymous.

The Closed Town

Everything leans, like tottering, hunched old women.

Every eye shines with fixed waiting
and for the word "when?"

Here there are few soldiers,
Only the shot-down birds tell of war.

You believe every bit of news you hear.

The buildings now are fuller,
Body smelling close to body,
And the garrets scream with light for long, long hours.

This evening I walked along the street of death.
On one wagon, they were taking the dead away.

Why so many soliders?

A week after the end,
Everything will be empty here.
A hungry dove will peck for bread.
In the middle of the street will stand
An empty, dirty

 I ordered two copies of this poignant and meaningful collection of art and poems  which arrived this week - (below image shows one copy  tucked in with the butterflies.)   One for me and one to give away as a way of expressing my appreciation for those of you who have joined in.  I will make the draw for the book November 30th from names of those whose butterflies have arrived by that date.

A couple of reminders -
1) there is NO deadline yet.
2)  if you join in by posting a comment on the original post, please remember to also email me at so I will have your email address.   You can also leave your email address below your comment if that's not a concern to you.

 And now, without further delay ...... LOOK  what flew in over the past several days (they are catching their breath after flights from as far away as Germany, Australia and the UK!

Safely arrived and in protective storage,  another 10 butterflies arrived this past week thanks to the following big hearted artists -

Gayle Price
Lisa Jurist
DeeDee Johnson (2)
Heike Gerhig
Nancy Donaldson (3)
Penny Steel
Rita Ackerman

Meet and Greet - September 29th

What a pleasure to study the variety of textures and techniques along with the assortment of colors and mediums used. 

Victor Habor, South Australia

Berlin, Germany

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Lymington, Hants, UK

Fort Worth, Texas, USA

Baltimore, Maryland

Phoenix, Arizona, USA
(Rita - yours missed the photo op today but will be included next week)


Lenna Young Andrews said...

just wonderful and inspiring to me, who is 'thinking' on her butterfly and what shape it may take.
Thank you Trudi, I appreciate these wonderful updates!
xo lenna

DeeDee said...

they are all so very lovely...thanks for including our link...and thanks for letting me be involved too...

Rella said...

Oh, they are all so lovely and quite unique. This is such a wonderful project and I am delighted to be part of it. still in the design stages here.

xox Rella

Createology said...

These butterflies are each so beautiful and unique. They will certainly add so much to this wonderful collection for the museum. Trudi thank you so very much for organizing this amazing gathering of butterflies.

Debby said...

Hi Trudi,
More beautiful butterflies have fluttered their way across the world to land at your home. They are just so beautiful to see. Thanks for all your hard work.

Cat said...

So nice to visit your blog this AM & feel inspired by what I glimpsed upon it.

The butterflies are so beautiful, Just like us,
So diverse,
Just like us,
Waiting to stretch their wings,
just like us,
Happy for their moments in the sun,
Just like us.

Thank you all for sharing your heArts.

Scrapping With Sherry said...


Thanks for the post and the inspiration to make a few more butterflys. I say more because I made some using stickles... I forgot about the no glitter rule.

Take Care~ Sherry

Lynn said...

Oh my goodness, each and every one is so beautiful, so unique :)

Annabelle said...

I adore all of these , so so beautiful. Your home must feel like it's touched by angels......I picked out one butterfly for the project which is on my inspiration board; now I better get busy.

Hugs •*¨*~^..^~*.•*¨**.•**Annabelle.•*¨**.•**

Lisa said...

I just caught up with this..duh!
thanks for the lovely post Trudi.. and you photographed the back too.. how cool!
i'm loving the updates..
how will you part with all these lovely flutterbys?