Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Art - bigger than life?

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 Morphing out of a Masterpiece ? Digital Collage - 10 x 15 inches

Image Credits:  MizzD Stock at - Castle Exclusives 3
Letters from Iktupilli and Swan from Cali Designs
Figures - Public Domain

What I was attempting to do in the above  collage wasto  depict my emotional reaction when I look into a masterpiece and how the figures seem bigger than life and the experience seems surreal.  Below, another collage again exploring this emotion.

"Art Space" - 8 x 10 inch digital collage

Image Credits:  MizzD Stock - Chair, painting and clouds
Hat - Holliewood Studios - Teddy Bear Tea Party - both at
Figure - Public Domain


Anji Johnston said...

Both of these pieces of artwork are beyond amazing Trudi. They have so many layers and speak volumes without uttering a word. I feel the same way about art - my heart has,on occasions, skipped a beat. These leave me breathless

indybev said...

These are deliciously surreal. Great work!

Kathy said...

Trudi, you simply, utterly, completely, blow my mind! That sounds so 60's but it's the only words I have for what happens when I see your work. Anji said "beyond amazing," She's right. Incredible. These are just incredible. I'm still shaking my head...