Friday, July 01, 2011

"Peking In" - New diptych - (I AM an Art HERO)

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OK, I  can't contain it any longer - I am an ART HERO!   ;0) 

 A week or so ago, I ran across a video from Kesha Bruce, an artist and mentor living both in France and the USA.    I heard about Kesha  from one of my dearest friends and Michele, and decided if I said it loud enough inside and outside of my head! just maybe, fingers crossed, one day I might actually believe it!!!  As Keesha states  ...Sometimes ya gotta make a little noise.....

Apart from it being an amazingly fun video, (link)  it came at a time when I've really been trying to dig deep and discover my style. 

This train of thought  all started with a question that Seth Apter (The Altered Page) asked in his latest, soon to be released "Pulse".  (more about that later)   I just couldn't answer that.  But it did set in motion much internal debate.   Thanks Seth for provoking me to PEEK IN-side. 

What followed was a solid twenty hours of exploring creatively as well as an on-going set of goals to slowly chip away at.    And even though, I have miles and years to go, these two collages are a new beginning for me.  I feel like they are `` my style.``  I am an Art Hero.....I am I am Sam ...I AM!! 

It feels good to be vulnerable  ...uh ...I ....think!  But, a comment or two from my readers would help right about now?  Did my hard work pay off?  Or do I need to find another tree to bark up and at?  Either way, I will plod along....and happily because, after all,  it's all in the playing!

"Peking In" - Diptych #1 7 x 7 inch digital collage art print (low res)
copyright 2011 TwoDressesStudio
available on Etsy here

"Peking-In" - Diptych #2  7 x 7 digital collage art print (low res)
Copyright 2011 TwoDressesStudio
Available on Etsy here


Lorraine@creativedaily said...

Beautiful Trudi!

Robin said...

both are lovely....good use of color and space...lots to take in. I look away and want to look / they draw interest.
but art is you like it? I say you should stick with this tree and see where it takes you...always time to bark up another....and no one ever said you couldn't try more than one tree at a time, did they?

foxeysquirrel said...

I am doting on the mix of colors.. I think your a fabulous artist with some serious talent inside of you!!! I also think art is like finding buried treasures, sometimes you go with what makes you feel right at that one moment in time. I love your art and wish I had just a small piece of your talent!!!