Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Illustrations of the "Male Persuasion"

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You guessed it - a new selection of funky images from Tumble Fish Studio! I emailed Marsha shortly after she announced this new kit saying I wasn't sure if I'd be able to come up with anything for them....I was feeling very flat creatively. But, I er um recovered. So, if you're looking for some Ying for your Yang, here goes...

Annual Meeting of the American Society of Magician/Exquisite Corpses
digital illustration

And as soon as  I saw the exzpression on this fellow's face below - I was compelled to compile these images together....

Like a Deer in Headlights

This one is for my dear friend Abby, who is recovering after surgery in Syracuse, NY  today.  She introduced me to Flat Stanley in a blog post recently.  You can wish her a speedy recovery AND read about her Flat Stanley's here

Flat Stanley Fashions
Digital Illustration

And finally, this last illustration came about as I was grasping to bring a visual 'voice' to  a much more sobering topic, considering the state of our world's oceans.  Did you know that More than 54 percent of the decrease in large predator fish has taken place over the past 40 years?  

As unpopular as he is, Paul Watson, Canadian environmental interventionist  (an ex co-founder of Green Peacce)  is the 'star' of a new film by Trish Dohlman   "Eco Pirate" .  While certainly not  getting any stars for sex appeal (think  Johnny Depp,)  I plan to watch this documentary if only to find more ideas of what I can personally do reduce my 'global footprint'.

The Tail End of the Tuna Eclipse Digital Illustration

Image Credits:  1) Tumble Fish Studio and Holliewood Studios for the trunk
2)  Car - Clementine Designs, Tumble Fish Studio - that guy, background and deer - Holliewood Studios
3)  Macey's and Tumble Fish Studio
4)  Tumble Fish Studio and Holliewood Studios (for trees)

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layers said...

If you were feeling flat creativity-- well- you have certainly recovered BIG Time-- all here are very creative and simply wonderful.

Sanja said...

asolutely fabulos!
Sanja xox

Terri Kahrs said...

Lots and lots of eye candy today, Trudi! How can you think that your Muse is 'flat'!!! LOL! Just ran over to visit Abby's 'flat people'! Too cute!!! Hugs, Terri xoxo

Lorraine@creativedaily said...

I agree with Donna, obviously your must is active again! Great work Trudi.

verofleuri said...

trés belle illustration HOMME
Flat Fashions Stanley est simplement sublime !!!