Monday, May 30, 2011

More Digital Illustrations - Part Deux and Blue Sky Joy

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Yesterday, we finally saw the sun, after two weeks of mostly rain and cloud cover.  I remember fondly my first May in this part of Alberta five years ago when it was sunny and in the mid 70's (20's) with clear skies more often than not.  I rushed madly to garden and spruce up the yard, thinking I had a limited time.  By the end of the summer, exhausted from overworking in the yard, I realized I had brought my memory of 'weather' from central Alberta and in hindsight, I could have relaxed a lot more had I known how much better the summers were here. 

The rain and cloudy cool days gave me reason enough to create more new illustrations containing either new or re-released images from Holliewood Studios, Tumble Fish Studio and Art by January.

From Art by January -

Another from Tumble Fish Studio (with the funky phonograph from Finecrafted Designs)

"Strangers in the Night" - digital illustration

Now, on to the gardening obsession!

This year, having decided to build gates on either side of a raised garden area in our yard (to keep out the deer), I have renewed my enthusiasm again, and have returned to the earth, hoping to harvest some herbs and vegetables successfully without fear of finding them munched up by our four legged white tailed  herbivores! For those of you new to this blog, below, one of several photographs of our frequent visitors.  Pesky as they are, the sight of the deer never gets old and I still have the instinct to run for the camera nearly every time they arrive. 

My irises (transplanted from our home in Edmonton) are finally showing evidence of flowers and this year I decided to photograph them in various stages of  bloom.    Starting here!

1st photograph - May 29

Below,  a photo of the same plant in 2007.  They hold a significant symbol to me as a reminder of my hometown  now transplanted here - like me.

2007 Irises

How does your garden grow??

Woops - I forgot two!!

Image Credits - Holliewood Studios - Knock on Wood (with lots of filters and digital painting)

Seven Svelte Servals Silently Sitting - Art by January
Image Credits here


Sherry Smyth said...

Your art is always inspirational.

And if I lived where deer roamed freely I too would be grabbing my camera all the would never get "old"!

However, if you want to plant "food" in your garden...a fence is a necessity because those darlings love to forage!!

I have no iris in my garden though I'm not sure why. My mother always had them when I was a child. I can smell them in my memory!! Right now I have a lot of forget-me-not and lily of the valley everywhere - they just spread!!! And I have a lot of columbine coming into flower as well as bachelor button. I noticed this morning how "full" my garden is looking right now -- so much rain, very little sun but it manages to struggle on!!!

Becca said...

Love your illustrations, and the iris are lovely! Mine have already bloomed this year...usually April, but I always look forward to them. I really like seeing the dear, but have never lived anywhere where I would have to worry about them eating my garden! LOL

Taluula said...

I love your strangers in the night collage ..... superb.

Terri Kahrs said...

Awesome art (as usual)! But it's those gorgeous irises that caught my eye and made my heart dance today. OMG, Trudi, they're stunning!!! I LOVE to garden and over the past few weeks have had precious little time for art. There's something about being outside with Mother Earth that I find very zen. Thanks so much for sharing!!! Hugs, Terri xoxox

Marilyn said...

Just a quick question about the iris. After transplanting do they take a year off from blooming? Just wondering why ours didn't bloom. Your art is beautiful. I have relatives in Alberta. My mom was born in Sask. I'm in Washington State.