Sunday, May 22, 2011

Checks and Balances - Behind the Scenes of Creative Teams

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Although I've probably mentioned this before in a previous blog post, one of the responsibilities for being on a Creative Team is to post the work each artist does minimally to   their blog and on their Flickr site.  Today, since it is raining, I decided to do some 'checks and balances' in my gallery at DeviantScrap to ensure I have complied with these requirements.  This is a lengthy task as I have created over 335 images for various on-line designers over the past year!  Each illustration created has to have the actual url addresses attached to it along with it being posted in the gallery and in a forum within the staff area.  Prior to the designer's images being posted for sale, the image also has to be uploaded to the preview staff area, which necessitates it being uploaded to an independent photo server like Photobucket.   Prior to those tasks, the digital illustration itself has to be reduced  from its original created size to a size that doesn't exceed 600 dpi.  This then creates two images, and sometimes three that I store in my own personal files 1)original png, 2) original jpg, and 3) the reduced sized image.

So to summarize (if you're still interested) each digital illustration ends up being created 3 different ways and then the reduced 600 dpi is posted (in my case) at 1) Photobucket, 2) Flickr, 3)as a blog post, 4) in the DeviantScrap Gallery, 5) in the original preview staff area, and 6) in my personal CT link listing the Blog and Flickr url's. 

Not surprising, this does create the possibility for a few images to miss a few necessary uploads!  Luckily, the community of designers and teams at DeviantScrap are all delightful, low key artists, and there is never any pressure to comply with these responsibilities in the way of a deadline. 

Today, I'm 'reconciling' the work I have done for Evelyn - her design co. - Finecrafted Designs.  I'll apologize in advance to you  if these images have somehow made their way here once before.   Each image below has been created using various images from her work which is available for sale here.

Please refer to this link for all image credits


cat lacigale said...

crazy beautiful gorgeous insane eclectic fantastic pictures ! always inspiring ! thanks

Bill said...

Wow! All of these are wonderful!

Terri Kahrs said...

Wow! You have been prolific, Trudi! These pieces are stunning, and Evelyn must be thrilled with them. Hugs, Terri xoxo