Sunday, May 08, 2011

More Butterflies in the Gallery from Carstairs Elementary School

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Photographing and cataloguing 127 butterflies can take time, but it  is also an opportunity to  study each unique butterfly.  In doing so, I've noticed some startling themes running through the Carstairs Elementary School group of butterflies. 

This project was initiated at the school by the Grade 4B class who were studying about the Holocaust as part of their language arts and history lessons.  They were reading an account of a family known as the Brady's who were involved in the war.  The novel they read is Hana's Suitcase - the website is accessible here.

Hana Brady  1931 - 1944

Hana Brady was born in Nové Mesto, Czechoslovakia. She and her older brother George watched their parents being arrested and taken away by the Nazis.   They were never seen again.   Hana and George were sent to the Theresienstadt (Terezin) concentration camp. In 1944, Hana was deported to the Auschwitz  concentration camp.   While her brother survived by working as a labourer,  Hana was sent to the gas chambers a few hours after her arrival on 23 October 1944.  Source:  Wikipedia

The words,  colors as well as brush strokes chosen and  reflected  in the  butterflies  made by these students clearly indicate to me how much they empathised and learned about the losses suffered, the importance of love and the hopes and wishes to stop hatred.

I have uploaded 24 more butterflies from the class.  If you have a moment, you can view them  by clicking here.  


Terri said...

I love to look at the butterflies. Mine still isn't there... that's because I still haven't made one. Shame on me. I'll get right one it.

Createology said...

Your post has made me cry and also very proud that students are taking the time to learn and participate in this amazing butterfly healing process. I adore their beautiful butterflies. Thank you again Trudi for taking your time to collect all of these.

Terri Kahrs said...

What a beautiful little girl . . . . such a loss. Yet, it's so wonderful that the children are hearing her story and have been inspired by her short and tragic life. Many blessings, Trudi. Hugs, Terri xoxo

layers said...

Hi Trudi, it has been awhile-- I don't make it over to the blog world as much as I used to as I have been accepted into several galleries and that changed my life and time in the studio. Your banner is creative as usual and your butterfly project is so moving and hopeful.

My Sweet Prairie said...

That is soooo sad. I must get a butterfy in to you! Such a GREAT project!
Monika in Saskatoon