Thursday, March 31, 2011

Wrapping up...

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 While wrapping up a couple of  packages from Etsy sales this week, I was reminded  again of  how much I enjoy 'hands on' as opposed to 'hands on keyboard'  creating.  So with a few days of solitude on my hands this weekend, I'm intending on minimizing my digital creating and maximizing my fabric and mixed media cravings.  Change is calling me.

Although, I have to say, I love some of the new textures, stamps, overlays that seem to be showing up everywhere I look these days. The little stars 'stamp'  at the top of the illustration below is but one example from Holliewood Studios "Kitsch" kit.  My favorite is the "Journal Junk" kit with a variety of 'stamped' images and great papers to layer.  I made this card for a dear friend who suffered a stroke last week at 46.  Change is coming her way now too. 

"Pony Express"  8 x 10 inch digital Illustration
Image Credits -
C. Renee
 Tumble Fish Studio
 Tangie Baxter
Holliewood Studios
 Finecrafted Studios
Crowabout Studio B

While my  internal jury was still deliberating on whether I would pursue more compositions with an abundance of negative space, I decided to print my latest experiment onto cloth .  Earlier this week I  took to the sewing machine and came up with a quick miniature art pillow - perfect to cozy up along side some of my favorite Bantock books.  I am still a real novice when it comes to sewing and the stitching you may be able to see on the photos below,  seemed  off, as in flat.  Eventually I figured out I'd put the bobbin in backwards.  The one consolation was I had  a fat square of the bullseye-esque fabric (actually it probably resembles a more African motif)  which I thought tied in to the details in the composition. 

                                       Mini Art Pillow - "Take One"

Speaking of Nick Bantock - my muse was flying by the seat of her pants and as I was taking the above snapshots, I had to take a little break to have a visit with the king of collage.  Particularly in light of the news he has just released The Venetian as an APP for iPad - wonderful news!  I've been wondering when he would surface once more after his exhibit in Colorado and was happy to hear his wonderful prose and collage will reach a wider audience!  Check it out here -!/thevenetianbynickbantock or for  a measily $4.99 go directly to iTunes to purchase it here  It makes me want to go buy an iPad!

I told Nick straight up that my goal was to make art that looked just like his.  Give me another 50 years and I may come close.  But it never hurts to try and despite my intentions to get off the digital kick, I did succumb only because of how IN SPIR ED I was after turning just a few of the pages in the Griffin and Sabine trilogy...I love mail art! Below, my best effort to 'lift' his style...a goal in progress....

Madame Pelican Mail
digital illustration work in progress - 20 x 12 inches

And to satisfy your literary cravings, here's a little poem by an unknown author on this very subject -

A wonderful bird is the pelican,
His bill will hold more than his belican.
He can take in his beak
Food enough for a week,
But I’m damned if I see how the helican.
Thanks for reading!  Stay tune for ...more changes.... :0)


Lisa said...

you never cease to amaze with your talent how you've expanded your compositions onto fabric..the pillow is fantabulous...the combo of colorful art and negative space is magnificent! Sorry to hear of your friend's unfortunate heart condition...i hope she will be ok..46 is so young...

Michele said...

I am really loving Madame Pelican. Please share the final iteration with us when done.

The Painting Queen said...

I think your fabric creations sing! I also have a friend who had a stroke recently. There may be a long road to recovery, but her positive Spirit is inspiring!

cat lacigale said...

your blog is simply amazing ! I love your work.

bockel24 said...

I wouldn´t say that I like Nick´s art more than yours - though I´m a big fan of his books and stamps. And I know what you´re talking about when you´re saying you want to do a bit more handmade things for a while ... as you know I´ve just started doing digitals, and the more I´m doing those the more I need to use my scissors and gluestick and stamps!

Geri Centonze said...

love everything...the pillow is really beautiful

Seth said...

That's a lot of change and it is all good, as the pics and pieces in this post are fantastic. So sorry to hear about your friend.

Cat said...

Ooooh, that pillow is gorgeous & what a sweet learning experience for looks amazing next to your books!

And I, as always, really admire your digital creations, such a lovely assortment of images you bring together & create beauty.

Sorry to hear about your friend, I hope she will recover soon!

Terri Kahrs said...

OK, the drool has really accumulated on my keyboard today! LOVE your little art pillow experiment, and we've all been there with backwards bobbins and such. Your talent blows me away!!! Hugs, Terri xoxo