Friday, December 10, 2010


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Friday, December 10th, 2010

Anytime I receive mail from my artist friends, I always intend to blog about what I've received.  So today, I will begin by THANKING all of my wonderfully talented art blog and trading partners around the world for how much joy you give me - almost weekly!

What I decided to do today  was create this post and add  a hot link on my side bar to it.  That way, I can review it myself and also share the wonderful artwork  I receive in the mail all in one destination!

Yesterday's mail was sent by Cat Dodt-Ellis (CatWorx), one of several art friends I've come to know primarily thanks to Debby Harriettha's (The Gathering Nest)  on-going projects.  For almost a year now, there has been 17 artists involved in a skinny book project through her group - Oh My Gothic! 

Cat has been a Zettiology fan for years and so it's no surprise, she has mastered this 'genre' beautifully.  I have taken 3 snapshots of her skinny - hoping I could visually convey the amount of work that went into this page.  Each one of the circles is handcut and adhered.  The macro gives you a better idea as the full photos don't show the amount of detail.

Thanks so much Cat!

Above collaged 4 x 8 inch art  pages by Cat Dodt-Ellis (see above for link to her blog)


Netty said...

Oh wow they are so quirky and fab. Love them. Annette x

Kim Palmer said...

Yes I see from the Macro shot what you mean about all the effort and complexity of the piece. Great layering there. Loved the 'Ham it up' from the previous post too Trudi how fun!

Cat said...

Thank you for the lovely blog-rap for my pages, I am happy to count you among my friends!


~*~Patty S said...

Cat IS very talented...fabulous skinny pages...what a great swap this must be!

iHanna said...

Beautiful mail art! You are a lucky girl. Love your blog, to bad google reader can't find an rss feed. :-/

Christine H. said...

Thanks for sharing these. They're so captivating.

Marilyn Rock said...

Oh; I love these and, yes, the layering! Really takes me in. I also enjoyed viewing your Christmas card - fantastic and your postcards are absolutely stunning! I love visiting! Thank you. xxoo Marilyn