Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Butterfly Effect - Update #14 ONE HUNDRED - Part One of Two

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Last evening we were out for an annual Christmas dinner with friends when the subject came up about decorating our homes for Christmas. The wife of the couple we were with had asked if I had all of my 'decorations' up. She is a wonderful enthusiastic woman and would give Martha Stewart a run for her money any day. I felt a wave of 'shame' well up inside of me as, apart from our tree sitting in the corner of the living room with lights already strung, I haven't done any decorating this season. Without family close by, and celebrating Christmas away from home again, it hasn't been a priority. Nevertheless, I must confess I did feel odd about it. But only for a brief moment. In my mind's eye, instead, I thought about what WAS in our dining room. A table over-flowing with butterflies.   While I was taking photographs of the newly arrived butterflies yesterday to prepare an update for today , the "spirit" arose to take all of them out from their envelopes and protective packages and spread them on the dining room table. As I recalled the table bursting with Love and Kindness, and Hope for the end of hatred and for the promotion of Peace, I realized how much Spirit filled our home, thanks to all of You. The Warmth and  Loving Energy  of the butterflies is overwhelming.  It is palpable.   I can't think of a more poignant and heartfelt  way to express the spirit of this season than to celebrate the kindness and thoughtfulness that exists in each and every one of these jewels.

The first 100 - more 'group' photos to follow in Part Two

YES! We reached the ONE HUNDRED mark yesterday, with the most recent arrivals.  A huge thank you to

Laura Hegfield and her daughters
Belin Hegfield
Rosewillow Hegfield (age 13)
Emily Miller
Marilyn Ritzau who is busily making more butterflies
Lyn Griffiths who put her felting expertise into play
Vicki Holdwick who together with her granddaughter
Payton Brooks (age 7) honored the Holocaust children one afternoon

Emily Miller
Cottonwood, Arizona, USA

Belin Hegfield
Amherst, New Hampshire, USA

Rosewillow Hegfield (age 13)
Amherst, New Hampshire, USA

Laura Hegfield
Amherst, New Hampshire, USA

Marilyn Ritzau
Bethesda, Maryland,  USA

Payton Brooks (age 7)
Pleasant Lake, Michigan, USA

Vicki Holdwick (Payton's Grandmother)
Pleasant Lake, Michigan, USA

Lyn Griffiths
Bourton-on-the-Water, Cheltenham UK

I wanted to share these precious butterflies before another day went by and will be posting again before Monday to tell you about our next draw as well as some exciting news about our project I've been waiting to share for a few months. 


Lisa said...

what a lovely array of butterflies.. why don't you hang them all on your tree for the holidays..lovely, creative and unique!

LauraX said...

Gorgeous Trudi, every single one! Thank you so much for doing are reminding us to create peace in the world one butterfly, one act of kindness at a time:)

Debby said...

They are all so amazing!!!! Thanks for sharing.

Createology said...

These newest butterflies are each so beautiful and meaningful. Congratulations on reaching 100+ for this incredible Holocaust Museum. May you have a season of joy...

Terri Kahrs said...

What exciting news, Trudi! Whoo-HOo! I must admit that when I scrolled down and saw all them on the table, tears came to my eyes. The thoughts of all of the love and kindness that's surrounding each beautiful butterfly is astounding! Happy Holiday vibes, indeed!!! Hugs, Terri xoxo

Faye said...

Such beautiful butterflies!

The Painting Queen said...

I agree that the Spirit of the Butterflies should alight on your Christmas tree for a few days of love! That would make for some wonderful photos of them too!

layers said...

so many unique, different and creative butterflies here- wonderful!

GlitterEmm said...

I so love the ones from the children. What a wonderful project. Thank you for turning me onto it!