Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Red Dog Scott's "Byron" visits The Isles of Morpharchengigel

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Below is a project I am working on with five other delightful artists, through our Yahoo Group, The Recollection Parlor. I've blogged and blogged about it before, so I won't repeat myself...
If you've glanced at my earlier posts, you'll notice some definite similarities betweeen them and this one. Part of what forms the background in this envelope is a major project I am doing for my Emily Carr studio class. So way, way, way back in the background is a photograph I took of a sunset here as well as a snapshot of my partner's hands! Both very morphed at this point! I mucked around with it some more today to create what you see. Then printed it on to canvas and fitted it to the envelope. It has a great feel to it now (better than paper and sturdy!) I still have a few elements left to add....as usual! Byron is hiding underneath the row of feathers, so the photo above is Byron...unplugged. Red loves leaves (or I hope she still does!) so I added in a few. There's also a small feather from my beloved, departed Northern Flicker.
The envelope books we are using are from 7 Gypsies and you can take a look at everyone's work from January and their covers at "The Parlor" by clicking here.
Back Closed Back Open
Front Closed
Front with Flap

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