Friday, February 06, 2009

aLTERED Portrait of Lady In Green

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This is a collage I did for Michele, after a visit to San Diego, Michele and I had previously only met through on-line art projects. What a great experience to hang out with her 'in person' and have the love of art in common, among other things. She took me to so many wonderful places in San Diego, including Balboa park where we toured Timken Museum of Art and saw this Original Painting by Bartholomeo Veneto.


lorhen82 said...

Wow...I love this! ~Lori

Gaby Bee said...

This creation is terrific, Trudi. I really love this.
Gaby xo

Michele said...

Blushing! Yes, it was wonderful to meet and you are even nicer in person than you are online. This was a fitting tribute!
Love Michele