Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Northern Flicker

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This is a tiny little mixed media painting (3x4.5 inches) I made using Cotman cold pressed 140 lb water colour paper, liquid acrylics and acrylics, bits of Japanese rice paper, a smattering of liquid embossing, rusted iron mesh with two tiny Northern Flicker feathers I gathered last year after I discovered a beautiful Flicker in my backyard had met with misfortune. I wanted to create some art with these intricate little feathers included to pay respect. Because these particular feathers are so tiny, I decided to make a series of small pieces and attempted to add layers of detail in the layering. I love the silohette the smaller feather creates of two birds together. On Etsy here.

1 comment:

Ann Christine Dennison said...

Nice combination of nature and texture, love the colours!