Saturday, February 07, 2009

Prayer Flags

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Today, I was roaming the backyard considering where I might 'install' the bundle of papers to participate in The Altered Page's (Seth) project - The Disintegration Collaboration.
"Create a paper bundle, any way you like. Place said bundle in nature. Post a "before" picture on your blog. Watch and Wait. It is that simple. Each artist will then reveal the result in an "after" picture posted on their own blog on May 1. " Great plan!
Pictured above is a string of Tibetan prayer flags I had hung outside less than one year ago. I live in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada - known for being one of the, if not, the windiest city in Canada. It is a regular host to chinooks, which can often blow planes out of the air or overturn semi-trucks on highways.
Our summers are hot and very dry - considered a semi-desert climate, as evinced by the cacti and rattlesnakes! Although the after photo is due May 1 so I'm not counting on much heat before then. But, I've no doubt, based on the shape of these flags, the wind will each leave their mark on my bundle.

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Seth said...

You already have your own disintegration project going on with these flags. I like how they look!