Friday, January 25, 2008

Journal Exercise - Week Two

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One of my Journal Class exercises this week was to choose from a group of objects Kathy had placed out on a table for us, stay present with it for a few moments, followed by entering our reflections into the journal. I decided to close my eyes and let the object choose me. This is the sand dollar that found my hand.
Each object had some sort of crack in it, either naturally or accidentally, symbolizing the theme of the class based on an excerpt from Leonard Cohen as follows: "Ring the bell that does not ring, Forget the perfect offering, There is a crack in everything , That's how the light gets in." This image will be a favorite - I love the shadows the sun cast on it and it sings of childhood memories of beachcombing and discovering a low tide peppered with sand dollars with my family. I was 12. A cherished memory.

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