Thursday, February 07, 2013

New work from the past week

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Things are buzzing over at Deviant Scrap lately!  Hollie Haradon (Holliewood Studios) gathered all of the designers together to create a series of new work/images all in the theme of "Once Upon A Time" plus announced a new designer to the team - Iktupilli, whose images I've long admired and used in some of my artwork.

I titled this first one "Jam Session - Unplugged" - I think you'll get my 'drift'. 

Jam Session:  Unplugged?
Copyright Permissions from:  Iktupilli, Tumble Fish Studio (globe) and Holliewood Studios (cliff)
Copyright 2013 Two Dresses Studio
All Rights Reserved

Last week I took a break from trying to get my technology to sync with iCloud to create this multi-layered composition.  It's dedicated to a wonderful woman, a colleague and friend from my social work days (my "first life") who had suggested a nice cup of tea might take the edge off the learning curve.  Again, I had the pleasure of working with some of Iktupilli's images as well as several from my own personal stash.

"High Tea"
Copyright Permissions - Iktupilli
Copyright 2013 Two Dresses Studio
All Rights Reserved

My dear friend Marsha came up with a true Tumble Fish Studio style of Once Upon a Time that transported me back to all of my childhood memories of fairy tales.  I was reminded again of how 
'large' my imagination had been as a child and how much I love returning to those memories.  That poisonous apple was quite frightful back then!

 "Mirror, Mirror"
Copyright Permissions from:  Tumble Fish Studio
Copyright 2013 Two Dresses Studio
All Rights Reserved

One last one using Iktupilli images, I printed out the composition on Craft Attitude and heat set it onto a piece of silver metallic paper with the large dots you see below.  I've long subscribed to the "Golden Mean!" 

"Monkey On My Back"
Copyright Permissions: Iktupilli
Copyright 2013 Two Dresses Studio
All Rights Reserved

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bockel24 said...

you know that these are all outstanding, don´t you?

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

amazing works!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Seth said...

These are all so beautiful Trudi. You and your talent are something special!

indybev said...

I find your work stunningly creative and original, and always leave here inspired, Trudi. Thank you!