Thursday, February 21, 2013

Holy Cow!

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Keeping the momentum of blogging "top of mind" - today's "share" from yesterday's creating - please enjoy !

"Holy Cow" - Sacred Celebrations
12x12 digital collage
Element Credits with thanks to Iktupilli Holliewood Studios (flames) and Lorie Davison (background)
Art - Trudi Sissons Copyright 2013 Two Dresses Studio
All Rights Reserved



Linda said...

this is so fantastic Trudi!!! What an awesome job of melding the various elements into one smooth composition.

fairyrocks said...

You do the most spectacular works. Thanks for sharing.

Seth said...

Stunning mix of images. And the perfect title!

Belladonna said...

This is absolutely awesome piece of art. Both theme and design are just breathtaking!