Saturday, March 13, 2010

Procrastination and On-going Visual Journal

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Below, I've posted a beginning to a visual journal I've started.   My plan is to add to it when I am brainstorming ideas digitally or when I'm feeling stuck.  I have so many creative ideas rushing around in my head since my return that I've ended up thinking a lot and accomplishing little with the exception of completing some obligations I had already made.
Because the creative elements and decisions  to these projects (eg) steampunk, were already complete, this ended up being largely a process much like that of an assembly line.  I'm not complaining but I questioned myself as I constructed each mail out  about what goals I wanted to set for myself artistically.  So much of what I was doing would not fall into that category. 

Much of this collage was bits of things I had cut out by hand and then reassembled and scanned.  It may end up being nothing more than an exercise in creative angst or it may unlock my muse and assist me in getting back into a flow that satisfies my thirst to create more sustainable pieces.  It is what it is and I had to remind myself, it's all in the playing.

I'm looking forward to working on some 3D pieces as I have been inspired by James Michael Star and Michael deMeng for quite some time now.  In fact, I did start working on one 3D piece this week  as I wait for the arrival of "Dusty Diablos" - Michael deMeng's newest book.  When I leafed through it in Mexico, it appeared to contain lots of detail surrounding techniques and I am optimistic it will  be very instructive.

I've begun to catch up on some of the blogs I enjoy visiting yet I've only scratched the surface.  A big THANK YOU to all of the bloggers that are so generous to post 'free' images on their blogs.  Terri Kahrs especially, who has such a big heart and an endless supply of images she posts regularly.  I almost think she's the REAL graphics fairy!  Thanks Terri!

And again,THANK YOU for reading and for the comments that you've left over the past week  and  to several new followers. I  returned home to the promises  of an early spring and am slowly readjusting  back to daily life.

Visual Journal - March 9 and 10


Terri Kahrs said...

These images are intriguing and thought provoking, Trudi. What a great idea to "get things down on paper". Wispy creative ideas do have a tendency to disappear quickly. Ohhhh . . . . you are SOOOO sweet! Thank you, thank you for the "shout out"! Your kindness is greatly appreciated. I'm just thrilled that you enjoy the images. Hugs, Terri xoxo

Heavens2Betsy said...

Trudi - whatever this may be or may become in the future, it is awe inspiring. It feels to me as tho' it has much to say about balance. I particularly like the tumbling man x

Debby said...

WOW!!! Trudi this is amazing, love it. Have to go back and take another look.Debby

NuminosityBeads said...

It looks as if your muse is unlocking here.
Sometimes my collages fairly assemble themselves and other times they seem blocked and I just keep on cutting out images and text for later. I have a whole table of starts going right now and decided to focus on one until I think it's done now.


Anji Johnston said...

I think this journal is a piece of art in itself and needs nothing else added! Great idea though Trudi, to get your thoughts and ideas down visually. I am in a complete artistic block at the moment - not sure if it's the weather, my stubbornness or nothing in particular! I understand your dilemma completely but- this too shall pass!

Marilyn Rock said...

The beginning of your visual journal is incredible! The thought process is amazing!

Sija said...

Awesome Trudi, there are so many things to look at, I keep looking.

Lorraine @ creativedaily said...

I spent a good portion of this weekend figuring out designs so didn't accomplish much - sounds as if you can relate. I think it's great that you are keeping a visual journal. I like what I see in this image.